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Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Thommes, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. We've been out several times this year with no luck. We've tried the spillway at Deer Creek as well as the channel that feeds the lake. Notta.

    We tried the scioto South of Fishinger on the west side of the river, notta...

    Tried the scioto north of the zoo... a lot of snags... :( notta fish...

    We just haven't been catching em.. you guys catch them all?

    We bank fish. 8-midnight. A variety of bait from live to doughball. Not sure what the problem is. Any pointers as to location, time or bait would be great.

    Well then again.. the 5 year old does manage to catch a lot of gills..... at least he has fun.

  2. On memorial day we went to Alum Creek in one of the coves off of Lewis Center Rd. where the bike paths are; and was catching them with chicken livers. We were there about 4 hrs. and got 7 channel cats ranging from 2 to 8 lbs.

  3. I have caught a few in the river on dead bass minnows, I always seem to catch more of them after a rain with the water up a bit.
  4. Most of the cat's I've caught so far this year have hit on a grub or road runner while I have been throwing along the rocks at Alum.

    Haven't tried any nightcrawlers so far and shrimp have had little action so far. Also haven't been off of Alum yet this year either.
  5. bluegill heads, live gills, and BIg suckers, redhorse and carp, if you want flatheads, and dont be afraid to throw really big baits, get that fishes attention. if its just any cat i would have to guess your just not fishing the right kind of spots the channels right now are hitting anything we throw, try some different types of holes on the scioto slow fast deep watever. also stick with fish, i dont mess with doughballs, liver, and its getting to hot for me to buy crawlers cause they just fry. just take the little gills you catch and cut them in half
  6. We headed out last night. Fished right there at Scioto Boat Club from the shore. Had our doughball and some shrimp. Fished from 7 to midnight. Fished on the bottom. Had a few bites. Had something on my line, felt like a turtle especially the way the thing "let go" of the line. Nothing landed. :(

    Saw a lot of carp. Those things aren't biting at all. Down at Deer Creek they bite on our doughball very well.

    Was going to try a live gill, but never got around to it.

    A beautiful calm night at least. :)
  7. sycamore440

    sycamore440 nothing like fishing

    Ive caught a bunch at alum in the coves by cheshire road with live baits, ive also caught quite a few at oshea on the north end past the marina area using live baits. Ive found out that basically if you dont land it right on top of them, the dont bite till the dark when they roam around looking for dinner.
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