catfishin tonight...griggs below or above dam?

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Hummel, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. im headin out to catfish here at 8pm...thinking about trying griggs for some big cats, but don't know where to fish there.

    should i fish above or below the dam?

    also what is the best bait down there...thinking about catchin some creek chubs and bluegills before i go...along with some raw chicken breasts.

    lookin for some big cats
  2. seethe303

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    either/or? I don't really know, I've never fished griggs. please report back though! I am curious esp. about the chicken breast as bait!

  3. well it depends

    i think there are bigger fish below the dam but at the same time the mosquitos are pretty aggressive down there.

    i recently caught some channel cats from 10-25lbs range above the dam.

    as for bait....i mostly use night crawlers, shrimp, and gills. i also noticed that they really start biting around 8:45-9:45 pm and then the bites start to die down.

    good luck...i might head out there tonight as well. gotta some some fishing done before school starts up on wednesday
  4. Im curious as well...I have never heard of guys using chicken breast as bait..but then again thats only the tip of the iceburg of what I dont know;)