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Catfishermen unite

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by flathunter, Jul 15, 2004.

  1. I sure do hope this does some good from personal experience the netters have been killing the fishing on the ohio. It gets real old going to your spots to fish to only find those **** nets. Lets form a net gathering party (outing)

  2. mrfishohio

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  3. This is very difficult for me, since i was 12 I have fish paylakes off and on when i couldnt get into the river or if i wanted to fish a tourny. I always thought it was hamless fun. OGF has really opened my eyes when it comes to big wild cats and paylakes. I have always look at it as the same as a person stuffing an 8 pound bass.
    But how are they going to stop this. If i catch a nice fish should it matter if i want to eat it, or through it in my or someone elses pond, or sell it to a paylake. Shouldnt i be able to keep that fish. I dont know, there is a fine line somewhere in there but i dont know where.

    Should we be able to stock our privit pond with fish we catch. This leads me to my next question.
    I im not asking about leagaly, just opinion, Lets say im going to drain my pond should i be able to sell those fish to anyone, paylake or privit. People sell dogs cows rabbits, should i be able to sell those fish in my pond. Where do you draw the line.

    I would like to see paylakes get all of thier fish from hatcherys, but not many farmers are going to raise an sell big cats for affordable prices.
  4. I think anytime you keep a wild animal that belongs to us all just to make money for yourself is where you draw the line!I don't think you will find many people on this site that sees it your way,just because you like paylakes.Daryl
  5. rustyfish -

    I think 1 important factor to remember is that we are not trying to get legislation passed to limit rod & reel anglers. Proposed legislation such as "no more than 1 fish/day > 34'' is aimed at the commercial netters - not anglers. I personally don't know anybody who keeps cats that size anyway, but how could anybody possibly justify the need to keep more than 1 fish Over 34'' per day? :confused:

    This type of legislation would NOT prevent you from catching a 40lb flathead in the Ohio and transporting it to your private pond. It would however prevent commercial netters from transporting thousands of trophy fish from the river for profit by limiting each netter to only 1 fish over the 34'' limit per day.

    You ask, "If I catch a nice fish should it matter if i want to eat it, or throw it in my or someone elses pond, or sell it to a paylake?"

    Eat it - No, perfectly legal
    Transport it to a pond - No, perfectly legal
    Sell it to a paylake - Yes - very illegal

    You can not sell fish you catch PERIOD. Not to your neighboor, a grocery, or anybody else. It's the same logic as wild game - It's not for sale, but for personal consumption. Those dogs, cows, and rabbits people are selling all have something in common - they were all raised by people for sale. If you want to get the proper liscense and raise fish in your pond, then by all means you can sell those fish. But that is different all together from taking fish from a public resource and selling them.

    It's a tough subject with very STRONG feelings on both sides. I'm very happy that you now see it's not just "harmless fun", but rather has long term consequences. This is the reason we must find a way to work together & ensure a solution that is acceptable to both anglers & commercial fisherman, and most importantly it must ensure a strong future for Ohio River catfish.
  6. I understand about commercial fishermen, but i know people who occasionaly catch big cats and (illegaly) sell them to paylakes for a $1.75 a pound.

    But that was not my question, I dont care about the law here, if i am draining a privit pond, should i be able to sell my fish. Some of them came from the river, lake, creek, whatever, and some of them were spawned in my pond. I cannot leagaly throw them back in the river. And i cant eat all of them. So i could give them away, sell them, or let them die. If i gave them away, and my buddy gave me a case of beer or did me a favor since i gave him these fish. Wouldnt that be the same as selling them. So what do i do let them die. I dont know what the law is and i dont care, i would sell them to whoever would buy them.

    This was just a little off the point, but i was wondering what others thought of this.

    Truck, is it ok to keep a wild trouphy fish to hang on you wall to show off to others, because i dont think so, but im sure peole on this sight do.
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    It is unlawful to transport and introduce any aquatic species (fish, inverte-brate, plant) from one body of water to another.

    That is copied directly from the Ohio fishing regs, so let's be careful out there.
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    Looking at the Catfisherman's paradise website, wait a second isn't that name alone pretty much just a oxy-moron???? Paradise for a catfisherman is a pond???? how would that be paradise?? how could they be real fisherman??? don't get it.

    Anywho it cracks me up how some of the pics with the guys who catch these trapped fish look like they are just the best fisherman in the world. Like they just spent days walking through the woods to get to a good cat hole or something. What a bunch of punks. Kind of like the guy that goes to a ranch for deer hunting and the guide says ok there will be a 12 point buck walk out of that path in 10 minutes to eat from that feeder over there. We raised him since he was born. he is like a second kid to us. for 500 bucks you can shoot him. A trophy huh?? Makes a lot of sense doesn't it??
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    though that came straight from the regs.,it is a little misleading and vague.
    i believe the true intent is species that are not native(i.e.,zebra mussels,gobies,etc.) to ohio waters.
    you CAN trasnsport fish from one body to another,as long as they are native and legally obtained.
    read the regs. completely and you'll find some of this i said,the regs. are a little vague,but several of us have confirmed what i stated, with the dnr.
    but only certain species can be legally sold,and only then,with a bait dealers license.
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    Man, I'm glad that something is finally coming of this...I contacted the new cabela's about putting up the old petition I first created, but now maybe I'll be able to show up to their doorstep w/this website in wheeling...I've met none of you in public as of yet, but I specifically remember about 400 people signing on to get rid of commercial overharvesting at once...I contacted many, many people w/in the government offices with little to no avail...I for one hope this wakes some people up...

    What people fail to understand is this is simple science and math...if you take away more than there is faster than it can reproduce, you're left with less and less and's really not a hard concept...big fish take a long time to grow...taking them by the thousands of pounds per year will eventually cause problems...don't believe me? Same principle as oil...paylakes keep growing, fish supply declines, I bet catfish begin to get real expensive in the future if nothing is done...nothing like driving yourself out of business...I hate commercial fishing that doesn't have regulations :mad:

    Lastly, if you had to drain your pond and were concerned about what to do with your fish, you have a website here that would gladly accept to help you with them in any legal way possible...
  11. I am hopeful now :D
  12. Fishman

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    That "catfish paradise" website made me absolutley SICK. Look at some of those cats. They are not proportional to what a wild fish of that length would be. Looks to me like the poor things are starving to death. Makes me sick..............
  13. Taking a natural resource and using same for personal profit is UN-American!!!! :mad: :mad:
  14. mrfishohio

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    Make your voices heard to the DNR's and Governors !!
  15. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    The laws are there for a reason....what if your fish had a disease and wiped out huge populations of fish ?? I saw recently where released goldfish have overtaken natural species in some areas. Release of flatheads in N.Carolina has ruined a trophy panfish river to the point where it is now legal there to kill flatheads with electical charges. Entire rivers in the West have been poisoned because non-native fish were introduced by folks who
    We don't own the fish, or the wildlife, we get permits (licenses, etc) that allow us to harvest them or whatever the law permits. Poachers don't care about the laws either........ :confused:
  16. that about somes it up... :rolleyes:

    once again mrfishohio your right on the money...
  17. Nevermind, i agree with everything you guys are saying, but nobody has answered my question. When I siad i dont care about the law here, i mean give me a personal opinion. I am starting to beleive that is forum is the only palce on earth that people pull their personal opinions out of a law book. I mean if im draining my pond with nothing to do with my fish and my neighbor offers me $50.00 for all of the fish to put in his pond, i would take the money. I dont know many people who wouldnt.

    What i was trying to get at in the begining is that it will be hard to stop this problem because there is no fine line. People are always going to find a way around the law. I am just afraid people are going to get so caught up in this that the lawfull fishermen is going to be left with no rights.

    This is just a what if, but think about it, imagine that habitat distruction, polution, and other problems besides comercial fishing, are killing off alot of young cats and bait fish. At the same time we are trying to get laws to protect the old big fish that are poor spawners and massive eaters. Shouldnt we be trying to protect the smaller fish and prime spawners. i personaly feel that the big cats serve a less improtant roll other than makeing the catch more fun for us. All i see is people mad about is the short term affect of having big fish to catch, not the long term effect of have fish at all.

    Now i am not trying to say the commercial fishermen and paylakes are going to fix this problem, but arnt there more important subjects threatining us
  18. Mrfishohio, you quoted my statement and argued about transfering diseases. Only i clearly stated that i could not throw the fish back into the wild?????
  19. Huge fish are old fish that take "years to come of age" thus protecting them now keeps them around for generations to come and for generations to enjoy. These are truly trophy fish who have become so in an environment that was a natural resource and there are those who use this natural resource for personal gain which is wrong...

    After most of the trophy fish are gone or very hard to come by what do you think the next target of ppay lakeswill be the prime spawners and such and then and only then we should try to protect them with laws? There are already laws on the books protecting our environment from pollution that over the last 20+ years have had a major impact overall...

    We're working on one small part of the big picture and the time will come when these big fish have protection, the protection they need to keep them the natural resource they are for everyone to enjoy not just a few...