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Catfishermen--Bait Info, Please!!!

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by iteech, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. iteech

    iteech Shebasser

    I'm taking my little grandson to a kid's fishing derby on Saturday--they're dumping about a ton of cats in and some of them will be tagged--of course if you catch one, you get a prize. I don't target cats, so I have no idea what the current "best" bait is for them--can you guys help me out? You can bring your own bait and tackle, so I want MY little guy to have the best bait!! ;) I know there will be lots of different opinions, but I'm gonna go with the majority! Please replay asap...and if you tell me something weird, please tell me where to go to get it...thanks fellas...:)
  2. soua0363

    soua0363 Master of Nothing

    Chicken livers, cut bait like shiners, chubs, and shads, and catfish dough baits....all these work but do not forget the old nightcrawler too. Those are pretty much the sure fire baits for catfishing.

  3. cut shad under a bobber on one rod, crawlers on the bottom on the other
  4. Any particular reason you posted the same question again? Much easier to keep it all in one post.
  5. Where is the Kids Derby? My Kids love them and I always find out last minute!
  6. dip

    dip dip

    there's one at lake loramie
  7. iteech

    iteech Shebasser

    I thought it did not "take" the first time, 'cause I checked back 2 hours later and it had not appeared--I just posted again. Then HOURS after that, BOTH of them appeared. I apologize, y'all!! I'll wait longer the next time. The derby is actually not this Saturday (tomorrow), it is NEXT Saturday, the 8th of Sep, at Arthur O. Fisher Park in Dayton. (I'm sure glad I called). It starts at 8am and ends at 2pm--you can come any time, but of course you'll catch more, the longer you're there. Each child should bring their own bait and tackle, and kids can have two lines each. Parents are not allowed to help, unless the cat is of an overwhelming size. Next Saturday may be a problem for me, but I'm going to try anyway. Take your kids!
  8. Here's the "secret" bait........I almost hate to give it away..........but here it is; chunks of hotdog on a circle hook. This is usually a goto bait.

    One tip for catfishing in general is if a bait isn't working right off (20-30minutes) CHANGE THE BAIT! Try any of the other suggested baits, and eventually you will catch a Cat.

    Another bait is just the common nightcrawler.
  9. I like using shrimp for channel cats. It really works well when you take half of a crawler then tip the hook with a piece of shrimp.

    100's of different baits and 100's of different ways to use them I know. Just a personal preference.
  10. Yeah, I have had success with shrimp too. Let us know how you do Iteech, you might want to take your grandson out one time before the "kids day", just to get used to the lake.
  11. Chop steak. The more gristle the better for staying on the hook. I haven't used it many times but worked great when I did.
  12. Lurer is right, like i posted on the other one, hot dogs are the best for farm raised just released cats, matter of fact ill probally be bringing my son not sure yet, hot dogs on khale hook or circle hooks is killer, just make sure to buy two packs and cut each dog in 1/4-1/2 circles and insert the point of the hook and roll the hot dog on without letting the hook come out of the hot dog, another thing too i sometimes put garlic on mine and strawberry koolaid its worked pretty good for going after channels. check out the other topic on this too theres some really good information in that one too.
  13. Treebass227

    Treebass227 Proud Member

    Hot dogs. The cats in our neighborhood lake cannot leave them alone.
  14. Chuck P.

    Chuck P. Here We Go Steelers

    Get some hot dogs and marinate them in a liquid catfish attractant. You'll be amazed.