Catfished the Tusc 6-09

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    fished the Tusc river for the TCBA catfish tournament tonight with my wife renee. the river was rising and MUDDY, i figured the fishing would be tough !! we started the tournament at 6 pm and had non stop runs on cut shad and live creek chubs till around 730 (id guess at least 10 runs each), we were fishing in a deep bend of the river (around 10-12 ft) around a couple of large wood piles. the only complaint i have is, we just couldnt hook these fish on circle hooks, theyd run hard and take the rod down hard and just come off !! we only managed to land one fish each mine weighed 2 lbs 12 oz and her fish weighed in at 1 lbs 9 oz. after 8 pm the bite completely died and we didnt land another fish, i MIGHT have had 5 bites between 8 pm and midnight which was kinda weird considering how well they bit early on !!! im thinking most of the hits we had were smaller channels like the ones we caught. after weigh ins and talking to the other guys in the club and hearing the same types of reports from them, i guess the little fish must be biting right now !! heck the biggest fish turned in was a 4 lbs 13 oz channel........NO flatties were turned in !!!

    fish turned in at the weigh in were caught on cut shad and cut bluegills, chicken livers, and live bluegills !!!