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    BIG BEAR Rick

    Hey guys. looking to do some catfishing this weekend and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on where to go in the Akron area. I have not been in a couple of years but usually went to nimisila dam area or springfield. Always from shore. Wondering if anybody could give me some tips. Any info appreciated thanks, Rick.
  2. can't go wrong at either one of those places . There is also the ohio erie canal near young resurant . Use left over fried chicken for best results

  3. try mogadore off of sunnybrook rd .park in the lot closest to the dam off of martin rd. try raw shrimp or cut bait and hang on. I lost a rod a few weeks ago.luckily my illuminated tip was still visible as it went scooting across the bottom by the time i got to it i was up to my neck in the water and the the tip was busted.