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    I have never had catfish. I catch them all the time here (central OH) and was wondering how to fillet and cook them. I want to try one but I know nothing about it. I have caught and released soooo many nice cats(including a 30+inch flat this weekend) while crappie fishing I figure I might as well give it a try.
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    best eating sizes to me are under 24 inches.filet just like other fish,only instead of cutting behind the head,make the cut at the end of the rib a nice boneless filet and saves work cutting through/around ribs.not much meat loss,as the strip above the ribs will usually need trimmed anyway.just soak in milk,roll in cormeal or flour and fry.

  3. I Love Most Kinds Of Fish. But Catfish, To Me, Has A Taste That Reminds Me Of Dirt, Or Like The Bottom Of The Lake. I Know A Lot Of People Eat'm, But I Can Even Smell The Differance When Cooking . I'd Still Recomend Trying Them, Everyones Taste Are Different, That's Just My Opinion.
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    I had a few of those too. They are usually the bigger cats or ones that come from crappy water. I'll eat the 20" and under and only from a few, what I consider, cleaner lakes (Nimi, Mogadore).
    Soaking in whole milk like misfit suggested also helps.
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    If you have the time, try hanging them up by the head, cutting a ring just above the tail all the way to the backbone, break the tail and let gravity do the rest. It should bleed out if they are fresh. Then, follow the milk recipe. The milk will definately help with the taste. Grilled cajun style is fantastic as well.
  6. Try nailing the head to a board cut the skin around the head and peel the skin back with pliers cut off the head and tail wrap in bacon stuff with baked beans and put in oven 12 to 20 inch fish are perfect
  7. Once you get the filets off, take the knife and run it down the center of the filey making two smaller filets. You will see a line of dark meat on the filets, cut off the dark and pinkish meat that you see. Any bad taste will be gone. Ive done that for years now. When its done right you end up with 4 filets of nice white meat. THen like the others say, flour, milk/egg wash and another dip in some cornmeal. Yum.
  8. I like cat fish ,but my wife dosn't. says there to fishey tasting. never tried milk. Can you bleed cats the same as walleyes or steel heads.
  9. I've used milk and it works well but if she's not happy with that try a quick brine. What you accomplish with a brine it the cells actually open up and take in the brine expelling alot of the liquid in the cells. The cells then puff up with the brine and you'll lose alot of that muddy type taste. Brining is also a great way to infuse flavors into food...Its worth a try.
  10. Thats why I usually dont eat the catfish that I catch since they taste like the dirt they have been laying in at the bottom. Farm raised ones that have been fed on fish meal usually dont have that dirt flavor and they arent bad.
  11. There are other variables like type of cat and where the cat came from that could make a difference also...Channel cats are pretty active fish so tend to be pretty clean
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    Another thing to try is soak them in salt water for 24 hours (or overnite) after cleaning.... that seems to help get rid of any "fishy" taste, too...