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Here is my report of the fishing trip of July 7th,
July 7th. My brother and I met with a catfish guide at 06:00at the ramp. We were on the water at 06:20 heading to get fresh shad for bait. 07:00 we had our 8 rods in the water. My brother brought his own 4 rods and some frozen skipjack that he wanted to use. 07:40 caught a decent size stiper, 07:55 I caught small channel cat. 08:00 my brother caught a small channel cat this first of the day. 08:30 I hooked my second channel cat; my bother caught his second channel 08:35

Hit our 4th spot at 09:20, I boated a Blue cat about 5 lbs at 10:10 on the fresh shad. Around 11:00 the pleasure boater started showing up and turned that part of the river into a wash tub. We tried four more spots my brother had 2 bigger fish slammed his rod, they both got him snagged. No matter how hard we tried they never came off the snag, so had to cut the line! My brother was pleased for he knew they were nice size cats.

We finally called it a day and headed back to the ramp around 14:30. My brother intends to try it again this coming October when it is cooler. I tried out my go pro knock off camera, and I did not notice it was turned on. All I got was the floor of the boat. I did get a very short video of my Brother catching his catfish. I will have work on using the camera more in the future.
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