Catfish tourney on the Ohio, Aug 2

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  1. Im forwarding from another message board,

    The next Cinci River Cats tourny will be held at schmidt ramp on Aug 2nd at Schmidt Ramp. Entry Fees will be 60.00 a boat, and it will be a 90% payback. 7:00 Pm to 4:00 Am Hope to see some new guys at the tournament, for more info:

    Matt McKinney
    Cincinnati River Cats
    Tournament Director
  2. Salmonid,
    Is there a website we can go to for more dates and times and information? I would love to fish it saturday but have prior obligations. Thanks for your time!

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    with any luck i'll be fishing this tourney with mellonhead :)
  4. I would love to fish it as well, but already have prior obligations :( good luck to all who attend
  5. Scott, sorry, Matt doesnt have a website for these tourneys. More then anything, its whoever shows up, puts in some money, and placings are decided by total weight and dependant on how many boats are there. Typically there are from 5-10 boats so its a nice number, not to big and not too small. What other info are you looking for??

    I am Matts partner for this one so I can get you any other info you need.


    PS Bummer Steve, would love to see you make it out for these, Ill post the next date once I have it, it is in early Sept
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  7. hey how close to kiser and cj is it
  8. Bowhunter, this tourney is on the Ohio River on the East side of Cinci, ( Near Riverbend area) so it is probably about 1.25 hrs from you, a little less maybe.

    Let me know if you need directions
  9. Good luck to any one fishing the tourny, could be a great weekend for large catches!