catfish spawning?

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  1. Anyone have an idea of when the catfish(flathead) will go on the nest? I fish the scioto river and was just wondering? I been catching 10-30lb fish that look like they are about to explode. any info would be great!
  2. Flathead catfish spawn when water temperatures reach 70 F. They build nests in dark secluded shelters such as natural cavities, undercut banks, or near large submerged objects. The eggs are laid in a compact golden-yellow mass which is fanned continuously. The egg mass may contain as many as 100,000 eggs. After hatching, the young remain near the nest for several days in a large compact school.

    From ODNR ....

  3. misfit

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    my guess is they're getting close.
  4. you still have a few weeks but its coming up, 2-3rd weeks of june is whats typical
  5. Flathead King 06

    Flathead King 06

    well not to controdict the ODNR but typically the flathead spawn starts when the water temp reaches 75-82 degrees...correct me if I'm wrong, but as riverking said its typically the 3rd week of june if not later sometimes
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    that's more like it.time may vary depending on weather,and they don't all keep the same timetable,but any time from mid june into august will probably see some spawning activity at one stage or another.
  7. Hi guys.
    I was out the other day at Acton lake, and I probably caught 25 to 30 Cats
    just using a RoadRunner. My guess is they are up to something. I kept two
    four pounders to go with the half dozen crappie (10+) that I caught in the
    2.5 hours!

    Light tap = crappie, med hard tap = bluegill, slammed it = a cat!

    Gloves up!