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Catfish at Mosquito

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by lostthebig1, Jun 23, 2004.

  1. I took some of Big daddys advice on fishing at the Causeway for crappie using slip bobbers or jig and minnows. I just went for the jig and minnow theory. I went at dusk between 830 pm - 1000 pm... I've went a few times at the south side of the bridge between these times and the catfish are hitting like crazy on minnows... I've brought in some decent channel cats... five pounder was the biggest... but every time I go I'm bringin home nice juvenile cats. Of course I was using ultra lite equipment for the crappie so needless to say I was retying a jig on there every other cast. I think I need to take my big water tackle up there to bring in the fat cats.
  2. catking

    catking Banned

    Aint nothing wrong with somew fried catfish.......... Dang it, I'm hungry now :D Thanks for the report !! THE CATKING !!!

  3. I'll be hunting for some flatheads at Mosquito this Sat. night . First time here. Seen some nice ones there last year from some jug fisherman. Not sporting enough for me though. I'll be using my trusty rod and real and some tasty bluegill! Hey Cat king. Can I pick these things up by the gill plates without harming them or myself ?? I dont think my net will hold a biggun. Whats the best way to get em in the boat to take a picture then release?
  4. This Saturday night I'm going the the Ohio river and staying through Sunday morning... We'll be fishing the locks for Stripers and the faster part of the river for the big cats. I guess they're just killin the striper down there... as well as gettin ahold of some cats in the river breakin 65 lb spyderline. I know the current adds a lot of weight.

    Well good luck with the flatheads in Mosquito... let me know how ya did. For them big boys I'd use some baby shad... the kind that come pre-packaged and have a peculiar smell... hehehe yuk :p
  5. Can you catch many cats just using nightcrawlers on the bottom from the causeway?
  6. Hetfieldinn

    Hetfieldinn Staff Member

    Go up to Pikie Bay and fish the mini peninsula next to the dock. Cast straight out from it. All the catfish you want.
  7. Hey Bass Blaster.

    Just a little info about the flatheads. Ksuflash caught a 40 pounder last year drifting for walleye right at the crack of dawn down by the cemetary and I put that thing in the floor of my boat and drove all the way back down to the causeway (about 4mi). Had it weighed and measured then released it and it swam away like it was never out of water. So I very highly doubt that picking him up like that will hurt him. Good luck on catching one of those monsters because I know you'll never forget a fish like that..

  8. WHere is that Pikie Bay? I'm not that familiar with Mosquito.
  9. If you look at this map: Lake.pdf

    You will see that Pikie bay is not labeled, but it is the last bay at the North end of the West shore before the buoy line that marks the wildlife refuge. It is labled on "Hot Spots" maps. I've not fished the north end of the lake, but remembered seeing the bay on my map.

  10. Hetfieldinn

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    Pikie Bay is located on Bazetta Road. It is the road that runs parallel with the lake (on the west side). On the corner of Rt 88 (the causeway) and Bazetta Road is Monty's Carry Out. If you head north for 1 1/2 miles, you will see a wooden sign for Pikie Bay Camping. If you hang a right onto the gravel road, and keep going straight for about 200 yards, you will drive off of the end of the dock. To the right of the dock you will see a very small peninsula with a big willow tree on it. Over the years, we've had good luck with chubs cut in half, but most anything will work. We've also caught walleyes, perch, bluegills, and white bass from this spot. And another thing, they call it Mosquito Lake for a reason.
  11. Thanks Hetfieldinn. I think we'll give it a shot this weekend. Sounds like it's a great spot. I'll try and not drive off the dock. I'm sure that would spook the fish :)