catfish at griggs dam

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  1. i went to fish at griggs dam today never fished there so dident know what to exspect. caught 3 decent size catfish with bass minows. was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on how to catch biger and more cats and what baits are the best there. thanks
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  3. thanks for the info very helpfull
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    Below Griggs is a great place to catch large cats, and many of them. Chicken Livers have always been the hot ticket for getting in a large number of cats. I have sometimes caught big ones this way, but the majority of large kittens were caught on cutbait or large chubs on a circle hook. Also try nightcrawlers and craws if you get a chance. The Marathon across Riverside sells crawlers (check worms before puchase) and other fishing bait. Also check out the catfishing forum. Goodluck.
  5. I was able to catch a channel about a week ago that probably went 5lbs on liver, I have tried frozen shad with no luck, I have meant to try gills but havent done it yet, craws might be a option but I would be worried about the rockbass getting most of them, I have also meant to try shrimp but havent as of yet, my last couple trips have been slow.