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  1. The nightcrawlers I've been buying lately haven't been in great shape. Can they be caught in Miami County and, if so, how?
  2. nightcrawlers can be had in any yard. wet your lawn an hour before dark and then come out after dark with a flashlight and catch them. if you have never done it before it will take a few tries to get the hang of catching them, they are quick booggers! remember to not yank them out, you will break them off. get a good hold of one and gently pull until they give up.

  3. I found this interesting info the other day:Worm Charming
    I have been hunting nightrawlers since I could hold a flashlight. We always waited for a nice rain and then went out at night with flashlights and buckets. It is pretty amazing how strong and fast they are when they aren't in a styrofoam container fresh from the fridge.
    Good luck and good hunting!
  4. This time of the year is a lot tougher to find the large numbers of crawlers. I usually only target them in the early spring on a rain soaked night. If you find the right time they will literally be out in the thousands. My back is not suited for hours and hours of bending over any more. I went out one evening in the spring for about 45 minutes with my boys and collected nearly 20 dozen. They will most likely be making a big appearance here in a few weeks with cooler surface temperatures as long as we get the ground soaked as well.

    Once you get them just store them in your basement in some good worm bedding and in a styrofoam box. Check them regularly for dead ones and you should be able to keep plenty to last for a while. In fact the ones I collected in the spring just got finished up last weekend.
  5. I sprinkle corn meal or chicken laying mase (chick starter also works) on top of the bedding (usually damp peat moss) so they have something to eat. It keeps them alive longer.
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  6. Thanks everyone
    I've been throwin' the ones I don't use in my flowerbed but when I dig 'em up they're not seeming too healthy plus I've probably put in a couple hundred and never find more than 10 or so.
  7. its probly from the fertlizer in the flower bed
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    My observation is that nightcrawlers in the 21st century are a lot faster than they were in the 1960s. At least I have a lot more trouble catching them than I did then. Must be chemicals in the ecosystem or something...

  9. I don't fish crawlers anymore, but I DID get them in my younger years...all that bending over would kill me now! A few things...
    1) As stated before, wet the lawn well before dark & get 'em with the help of a flashlight. I would use my "crank light" batteries to go dead....Also, check out local golf courses...most water fairways at dusk...they're cut short & that makes the catching easier.
    2)...BAD suggestion & deleted!!
    3) Instead of buying bedding, I always used shredded newspaper (they feed off the newsprint), slightly damp. I kept mine in a Buss Bait Canteen, add a few ice cubes every morning, & those crawlers would be tougher & livelier in a week than they were the day I caught 'em.
  10. When I fish with crawlers, I like to hook them just once in the band and let them flop around. For this, I don't use a whole big night crawler. So, I can usually find what I need just digging in the beds around the house. Medium sized worms are just perfect. I just water a spot and dig around about an hour later. If it's been really dry, I see them popping up right away as I water the landscape plants.

    If I liked to keep a nice lawn, I wouldn't take too many crawlers from it. The earthworms help alot to keep the soil aerated. Same goes for the garden. Personally, I've been letting the lawn go after two really dry summers, so I wouldn't care at this point.
  11. Folks - sure ask you to think twice about shocking worms. Think about it - plugging a wire into the socket and sticking it into wet ground and you're standing there. There were at least 30 deaths from one commercial worm shocker.

    Electric "Worm Getter" Worm Shocker Probe Recalled. Death & Injuries Lawsuit

    Electric "Worm Getter" Worm Probe Recalled By Six Retailers; Electrocution Hazard Cited

    Defective Product - Worm Shocker Probe:

    Approximately 83,000 electric WG6-S and WG8-L "Worm Getter" worm probes, manufactured by Handy Marketing Company. The probes are used by fishermen to shock fishing worms to the soil's surface. The probes have a single energized metal rod, enclosed in a white plastic, spring- activated guard on one end and a black plastic bicycle grip on the other end. The affected probes were sold by Kmart, Cabela's, Bass Pro Shops, Fishing Hot Spots, the Sportsman's Guide, and Gander Mountain.

    Dangers with the Worm Getter Shocker Probe:

    CPSC is aware of more than 30 deaths involving functionally-identical worm probes. Consumers have been electrocuted by contacting the exposed metal shafts and shocked by touching the ground in the vicinity of the probe.
  12. That is a great safety notice!! I have also heard of guys making their own rods. That is just really flirting with major disaster. So if anyone chooses to try this method definitely be sure to unplug the device before stepping foot in the area. A few worms is just not worth your life.
  13. I was amazed when someone told me this technique. I was advised to skin back an old lamp cord 6 inches and wrap the exposed wires around two long screw drivers stick it into the ground then plug it in wait 5 seconds unplug and go collect. I always wanted to try but having a degree in electronics I never could get past the obvious. Besides I love to fish but realistically I go out maybe 30 times a summer if I'm lucky I really don't mind seeing my bait shop buddy and shelling out $1.50 for some worms. Don't do this.
  14. I don't need crawlers bad enough to use a shocker but my wife is talking about getting a 90 dollar perm...hmmmmm
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    When we were young kids, my dad's buddy's son had a bait shop in Streetsboro. We used to hit the local golf courses just after dark in the summer. Some of the sprinklers would still be going. We used big rubber bands to strap a big coffee can to each thigh. We had a flashlight in one hand and grabbed the crawlers with the other. We kept emptying the coffee cans into worm flats that had some bedding. We would collect 4-500 dozen in a few hours. He would sell them at the bait store, and we would take a couple of flats to Canada for our yearly fishing vacation on the Trent River. He had a shocker way back then, (mid sixties) that was a crank type. We stuck the two metal poles in the ground about ten feet apart and started cranking. I don't remember using this much at all except in the bar where our dads would always stop for a few 'fishbowls' and were would drink pop and shock each other. Lots of fun actually. How many of you guys remember 'fishbowls'?
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  16. Folks,
    I apologize for posting about the "shocker". I have deleted my suggestion. My old neighbor did that when I was a kid & to be honest, I never even gave safety a thought. I apologize again for a bad response.
  17. Something I've found the helps for crawler hunting is using red light to spot 'em instead of white or yellow lights, it's a little more strain on the eyes until they adjust, but when they do I always see more and I can get a hold of them a whole lot easier because it doesn't seem to scare 'em back as easy. Just an observation brought on by a little reading, let me know if it does any good for you.