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catch & release

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by tcba1987, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. tcba1987

    tcba1987 Tuscarawas River Angler

    ALL of our catfish were released last year except for a couple that died. we do all of our weighing in where we fish, not much hauling the fish around. :cool:

  2. smallieguy

    smallieguy Smallmouth Please

    And your point?
    Fish a tournament once and tell me if you let the fish go as soon
    as you caught it.
    I love catching cats as much as bass but I don't fish catfish
    tournaments. One of the best nights of fishing I ever had was
    on Piedmont catching flatheads on bluegills. My cousin still talks
    about that night and it was 16 years ago.
    man I'm gettin old. :)

  3. is that catch and release in the lake or catch and release in grease?
  4. I fish the TCBA tournaments and all of the catfish go back to the lake or river we fish. Since i have been fishing them i haven't seen a catfish die.
  5. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    Just curious about what started this thread if it was supposed to be part of another post or what???

    Hey Brian, are we allowed to keep any fish if we want?? I may want to keep a couple eating size ones here and there. Most of the time though, I release what I catch anyway! :) especially in the river! :eek:
  6. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    Another note, most times the fish being dead at weigh-in is not a problem with any tourney's. It is the fish that die after being released that is a problem. I have read that about bass fishing especially. Catfish will do it too, I am sure. I am no expert, but after seeing some of the flatheads that people will leave laying on the ground for a while before getting them back into water, I bet the post release mortality is worse than what people think. :(
  7. That's all who run tournaments should utilize release tanks that have been treated and have ice in them to help increase the survival rate after being released. For the directors it is an investment of time and money, but I believe it is worthwhile one.
  8. By the way UD and Mike-- your Sure Life Labs "Please Release Me" 12lb formulas are in for the 2005 season.

    Myself with NOAA and LaDo- UD with Midwest Sportsman and Mikeshookset with the 10hp circut all utilize proper weigh-in proceedures for our bass tournaments. Lakes trail (Louie Kunkle) too - and X-series (George Byers) too- X also "fizzes" deep Erie fish in holding tanks and their 05' year efforts will further increase.

    Education to our anglers for handling, providing equipment for continued oxygenation while held in bags,post weight treatment tanks chilled when above 70 degrees, and always with "PRM" treatments that replaces slime coats, heals wounds and reduces stress.

    Every effort is taken at these five events to reduce post-tournament mortality rates.

    I litterally have caught many bass that have benefitted from being in my treated livewell and then weigh-in due to their caught condition and then subsequent treatments.

    I have always had an oxygen infusion system outside of just an areator in my wells. The new rig even has the "aqua-innovations" package even despite the above modest cost to simply provide dissolved oxygen to my creel.

    Praise to the directors who follow all recommendations for weighed fish- even a slimy catfish :eek: I think those things would stay alive for a couple of days in the sun wouldnt they!???

  9. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    I don't know if they would keep in the sun for a couple days, but maybe if you put them into the shade! :eek: :p

    That is awesome what you guys do for your tourney's! I have never been to one that went that far. I have not been to many though.

    For a small tourney's like TCBA has, it would be nearly impossible to go through all this for a few catfish. Plus the river is right beside the weigh-in area, so they get released immediately I am sure. I am sure most guys are careful when they handle these fish. I know I try to keep them in the water as much as possible. I try to unhook and put them onto a stringer as soon as I can. then when transporting them, I have a tub or 2 I use filled with water so keep them soaked. This year even though I don't fish too many tourney's, I am planning on using some kind of aerator system to help the fish I move and help keep baitfish active.

    the tourney's I had last year, I did not really need any kind of holding tank, because there were only a handful of people and we were right at the river. Nobody had to wait long to weigh-in any fish.

    I don't think catfish are as fragile as bass, but I don't think they can handle being out of water as long as some people leave them out. Just my concern, not like it will help out any! :eek:
  10. tcba1987

    tcba1987 Tuscarawas River Angler

    as fishing marshall said below we never lose catfish at the tcba tournaments, unless a fish swallows a hook and dies, then they are taken home and eaten. i get really ticked because it seems like anytime a small group or organization tries to have tournaments, people who fish the (BIG) tourneys start yapping about us killing their fish. You DONT have to own a $70,000 boat to hold a tournament the right way !! i have been at the tuesday nighter at tappan and saw guys throwing fish back into the water from 20 ft away and not even taking time to try to revive them !! ive seen guys carrying bass with no holding bag with no water, is this ok??? ive seen fish dropped on the cement and left laying there flopping around on the warm pavement for a minute or so, is this good for the fish ??? i have fished tappan right after the tuesday nighters have left and seen DOZENS of floaters laying around dead or dying and going to waste!!! is this ok ?? sorry, im gonna climb down off of my soapbox and stop preaching now, LOL.
  11. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    I have seen it too! I helped at a tourney a few times held by the Indian Valley Bass Club I believe it is called and I would take fish back to the water and also would make sure that the fish people were releasing were swimming away and not keeling over. those bass tourneys were always good ones