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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Karl, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. Karl


    So ya i have been reading this forum for a while now for my fishing reports and what not. I always noticed everyone is catch and release and always say it is so horrible to keep a fish, and look down upon the ones that do. So i was woundering the bow season how many of you guys are going to shoot that big buck and release it? Count me in on releasing mine after that photo. Expecially so it can get back out there and keep putting its seed in the pool.
  2. Hook N Book

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    Well, Karl, for those that preach C&R...I'm here to tell ya, they DO NOT speak for everyone. ;)

    Bon Apetite...! :D

  3. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    and since you've been reading the forums long eneough to notice the c&r debates,you should know how they go and that :T on your first post isn't really necessary;)
    besides,i've already promoted the "rope and release" deer idea in the past;)
  4. I do both! If I dont need fish they go back. After Erie what do you need Res. fish for?! Welcome aboard KARL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. H2O Mellon

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    Come on man.... It's not even winter yet. You did a very losy :T job. You should have waited 3-4 months then came up with this thread. Better luck next time. ;)
  6. Ruminator

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    Karl, as you well know there are many members here who practice "selective harvest". But although it obviously doesn't fit, I was mildly amused by your effort to apply C&R to bow hunting. ;)

    Welcome to the site. !%
  7. I do the selective harvest myself & refuse to get caught up with this PETA guy trolling for trouble !! Welcome to the site Karl & come back when you can bring something to the table besides a big spoon to stir the pot !!!!
  8. NorthSouthOhioFisherman

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    ill exactly go with that-amen!
  9. misfit

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    t-180,you have a pm.
    we don't need nor do we tolerate name calling.
  10. Sorry guys, he struck a cord & I let him get the best of me. It won't happen again.
  11. I practice catch and release for all bass, not that I think anyone else should, I just don't think bass tase very good. I do keep a few crappie, saugeye, walleye, perch and cats every now and again. Nothing better than fresh walleye if you ask me. I have no problem with anyone keeping any number of fish as long as it's done within legal limits and is acctually consumed. I do however have a problem with this.
    That is a pic that I took back in the spring of a bucket and a bag of crappie throw over in the weedsat my favorite crappie hole. I still for the life of me can't figure out the thought process that went into this.
  12. I for one am going to release this thread!
  13. Wow, not a good way to make friends here Karl, although it was a tad bit humorous. welcome to the forums.

    I practice a don't ask, don't tell, philosophy when it comes to harvesting.
  14. Darwin

    Darwin If your gonna be a bear..

    :D :D I like it!

    This year I am going to try and jump out of my tree stand right on my deer. That way I can ride it right to the house so I don't have to drag it out! !% ;)
  15. JamesT

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    !$ Karl,
    I've tried to C&R deer in the past, but the large animal vet bills were too expensive for me to try it again, but I will definitely recommend bow season if you are going to try this. With all the infections and rehab, it was just too much.

    As for C&R, aside from that one attempt into recuperating last years buck, I am 100% keep and eat. That is everything. 2" bluegill, shad, crayfish, gobies, etc.. Even when I snag some weeds on my retrieve, I either put them in my salad or braise them with vinegar and hot sauce!! mmmmmmmmmmmm. I have earned the fish that I eat, and I eat the entire fish - nothing goes to waste.

    And nothing tastes better than bass - the bigger the better. People here just don't know that a 7 lb largemouth smoked slow and low over some peach and applewood is the way to go. Thats how I do my carp too!

    Good luck on the water Karl. I hope you will keep posting to OGF, as you appear to be a better contributor than I!

    Cast away and reel hard!!!:B
  16. carxman17

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    I also practice c&r most of the time. I do keep a few crappie sometimes for the table. I just believe there is no reason to keep more fish than you are goint to eat and like to think that someone else might also enjoy catching that same fish sometime down the road. Maybe a youngster might get hooked on fishing from catching that big bass that I realesed. I dont think many of us fish to feed our family. So why not preserve the fishing experiance for our future generations.:)
  17. Lundy

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    I can't believe some of you are actually playing along with Karl's game:D
  18. I'm gonna go do some bald eagle hunting this weekend if anyone would like to join me....I hear they make great tablefare.
  19. they make a great napkin holder.
  20. JamesT

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    OH BOY! Now I'm getting hungry. Reminds me of a favorite dish - hericot verts with balsamic caramelized cipollini onions, teriyaki diced red onion and and crispy fried bald eagle skin!...MMMMM! Why does it have to be lunchtime and I left my lunch at home?