catawba 1-29-09

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  1. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    fished today and pulled 2 missed 6 and snaped one off

    a bit slower today

    heard most people had 1 or 2 saw a nice 30in at the ramp
    mine were 2 and 4 lbs

    be out in the morning
  2. Thanks for the report, I'll be out tomorrow also.

  3. I will be out too. Call me if you want to share information. I will be out with a group of 6. (330) 328-3327.

  4. We wacked em today. had mine in less than an hour. cutomers got thiers before noon . was a great bite for us. Huge grade of fish to.
  5. I'm a charter captain from Erie PA and have never fished through the ice for walleye. I am heading to Catawba friday evening and plan to fish saturday and sunday morning. I'm bringing my 16 year old nephew and my first mate. None of us have much experience in ice fishing but I have all the equipment. I'm hoping to find someone to point me in the right direction where the ice is safe and there are a few fish. I will have 2 atv's, 2 shanti's, gps, vexilar, aqua view, tip ups, and tackle and would like to catch a few eyes. I will gladly take someone fishing this summer in Erie PA for walleye on my boat or even out of Fenwick Marina in Oak Harbor in May in exchange for a little help. I don't know the Catawba area at all I fish late april and through may up around west sister. I'm not looking to do any charters or get into the ice fishing business this is just for fun for us. If you are willing to help let me know. Captain Fathead (Wayne) 412-603-0070