Catalpa worms. Has anyone seen any yet?

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Ajax, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. Ajax

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    It should be time to see some Catalpa worms among the trees. I work for a utility company so I'm out traveling every day. I know where hundreds of Catalpa trees are, but I haven't seen a single worm. Please post here if you see any of these critters.
  2. I've checked all of my "usual" trees and have seen exactly 0. I don't know what has happened but I remember 15-20 years ago they were scarce and then came back strong the next several years. Great bait if you can find them.

  3. Are these good bait for catfish or another type of fish? Do you fish them on a bobber or on the bottom?


  4. One of the best "natural" catfish baits there is. I almost always fish them on a bobber.
  5. I have seen just a few in the ones in the front yard, but only a few.
  6. MuskieLuv

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    My parents live in a woods that is 90% Catalpa trees and we have seen one small worm and that was it. They just don't come out like they use to. Maybe it's global warming????LOL Great bait though; use to catch everything with them in the ponds.

  7. We're "done" with the catalpa worms in southern Indiana. Started showing up a few weeks ago and now all the catalpa trees are stripped! I have probably 15 or 16 catalpa trees on my property and there's not a leaf left on them.
  8. none yet here just West of Dayton, my trees seem to get them later then everyone elses.... never saw a a 1 last year, not sure why.

  9. I believe they are cyclic [?], kind of like locusts, not sure of the time length. Like Locust, even when its not "your" time, you still have a few. Just my "non" professional view point. :)
    EDIT - OK...I couldn't let it go so I had to google it....

    "Infestations of the catalpa sphinx occur sporadically; they come and go and often seem to be highly localized. Certain trees appear to be preferred and are attacked regularly while others of the same catalpa species seem to escape attack; the reason for this is unknown. Caterpillars may be abundant for one, two, or three years, then scarce for several."
  10. My friemd in goshen called me saying they were loading up the freezer with them this weekend! They cut down a catalpa tree and had hundereds of the worms crawling around
  11. Lewzer

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    I've been checking a few trees in NEO for the last few years and haven't found a single one. None this year so far.
  12. Ajax

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    I work in Goshen and I haven't seen a one. But I'll check again.
  13. tcba1987

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    a friend of mine lives in Baltic..........his dad found a bunch of them out there............i personally have never caught a single catfish on catalpa worms but i know they work great for cats because my friend and his dad love them and catch alot of channel cats on them !!!
  14. chrsvic

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    They advertise catalpa worms for sale at the bait store here in Troy, I assume they purchase them from a dealer.