Cat Mazter & Tadpole go Fishing 5-7-05

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    I had the Pleasure of meeting Tadpole & going Catfishing at Lake Logan with him. We started out in some shallow water then we started moving around a little finding the Baitfish. He started the nite off with a nice looking 3lb Channel Cat. We had a little of everything in the water, Cut Shad, Shrimp, Worms, Liver, Goldfish & Bluegill. I hit a hole that was spitting out Little dink's before the Bait even hit the Bottom. Ask Tadpole as soon as the bait hit the water & got about 1/2 way down the Line was spooling off. It was a Nice little hole that let me take & hold the Lead in fish Caught. But his fish were bigger than mine. We both missed several nice fish, But thats cattin for ya.

    Tadpole is a heck of a great guy, We really had a great time fishing. We stayed out from 7:30pm until 7 am. We were on fish all nite long, We didnt catch any Big ones but we had good action the whole nite.

    Here are some pic's from lastnite on Lake Logan with Tadpole.

    Here is Tadpole kickin it on the Boat

    Here is The Cat Mazter

    Tadpole struck first with this Channel Cat

    The I started a run on some Small ones


    Tadpole with another Nice 3lb. Channel Cat

    We were on Fish all nite Long :D

    Here is Tadpole @ 4am

    Here is what the Sunrise looked like as it rose above us.

    One More

    I want to Thank Tadpole for comming down to fish, I had a great time. We caught alot of Catfish, But they were all Channel Cat's & they werent to big. But they sure did make for a fun nite of Fishing. We will be going alot more this summer. Next time we might try my River spot or Ill fish where he wants to go fishing at. Either way I know we will have more great nite's fishing together. Thanks again Tadpole :)
    Cat Mazter
  2. Thanks Cat Mazter for inviting me down, i had a great time out fishing and i'm sure we'll have many more trips together. It's nice to go with someone who loves to fish and has a sense of humor. I could tell you know the lake well and your a good fisherman .. now next time i want to fish your " Hot Spots " LOL ... where the :B are

    Good luck in the tourney Saturday night ( remember my little secret " combo bait " may be the ticket ? Send me an email Sunday or Monday and let me know how you did and any pictures you may take.

    Take care !!!

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    Great pictures guys, thanks for sharing!