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Cat Hunting Part TWO

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by atrkyhntr, Apr 12, 2005.

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  1. I am all for it myself... Lock em up or their legal targets!!!

    Wis. Considers Legalizing Cat Hunting

    MADISON, Wis. - [size=-1]Feline lovers holding pictures of cats, clutching stuffed animals and wearing whiskers faced-off against hundreds of hunters at meetings around Wisconsin to voice their opinion on whether to legalize cat hunting. [/size]


    Residents in 72 counties were asked whether free-roaming cats — including any domestic cat that isn't under the owner's direct control or any cat without a collar — should be listed as an unprotected species. If listed as so, the cats could be hunted.

    The proposal was one of several dozen included in a spring vote on hunting and fishing issues held by the Wisconsin Conservation Congress. The results, only advisory, get forwarded to the state Natural Resources Board.

    Statewide results were expected Tuesday.

    La Crosse firefighter Mark Smith, 48, helped spearhead the cat-hunting proposal. He wants Wisconsin to declare free-roaming wild cats an unprotected species, just like skunks or gophers. Anyone with a small-game license could shoot the cats at will.

    At least two other upper Midwestern states, South Dakota and Minnesota, allow wild cats to be shot — and have for decades. Minnesota defines a wild, or feral, cat as one with no collar that does not show friendly behavior, said Kevin Kyle with that state's Department of Natural Resources.

    Every year in Wisconsin alone, an estimated 2 million wild cats kill 47 million to 139 million songbirds, according to state officials. Despite the astounding numbers, Smith's plan has been met with fierce opposition from cat lovers.

    Critics of Smith's idea organized Wisconsin Cat-Action Team and developed a Web site — Some argue it is better to trap wild cats, spay or neuter them, before releasing them.

    In Madison, about 1,200 people attended the Monday evening meeting at the Alliant Center — more than the 250 or so in a typical year, but less than the 3,000 or so who took part in a debate in 2000 over whether to allow hunters to shoot mourning doves.

    One of the attendees was Katy Francis, who wore cat ears, whiskers, a cat nose and a sign that read, "Too Cute to Kill." For Francis, "The cat hunting thing brought me out because it was very extreme."

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  2. Well...I don't know how to feel about this.

    I had the opportunity to shoot a cat with my crossbow a few times last deer season. Instead I let it hang with me for the rest of the hunt :p . In fact he was about 5 feet away when I shot a spike.

    On the other hand, I have a cat and have watched her kill birds mercilessly when I used to let her out. Cats are pure evil when you are a bird. Long and short of it is if people don't want their cats to get blasted they need to keep them indoors or at least collared.

    I don't know that I could ever shoot a cat in cold blood (anymore) but I would not necessarily look down on those who would (or do).

  3. That's how it's always been around these parts. If people care that much about them, they need to keep them at home and at LEAST have collars on them. An animal with a collar get's a chance of going back home (with a warning), however, I have NEVER seen a cat on my place with a collar. Same goes for deer/cattle chasing dogs.
  4. Man i can't stand those people, can't they make the distinction between their lovable pets and the little monsters roaming the countryside. No one wants to kill their pet, just the wild litters that result because people are too lazy or stupid to stop the problem before it starts. All of these people were aghast at the idea of shooting mourning doves in a controlled and regulated manner but they don't realize that cats have a greater impact on songbirds than any hunter .
  5. I’m sure that the cat population needs to be controlled. I have no problem with someone shooting a cat on their land (or chasing it down and killing it with a their bare hands for that matter). In fact, I really don’t have any objections to an “open season” on public land, or any similar manner of eradication.

    What I’m curious about are the people that want to actively hunt the cats (as opposed to solving an infestation problem on their own land). The psychology behind wanting to kill an animal just to kill has always fascinated me.

    But, what really keeps bringing me back to this subject is the idea of a grown man in an orange hunting jacket, Elmer Fudd hat, holding a rifle, and proudly posing for a picture behind several dead domestic cats. If they approve the open season on cats, I just hope that we get some pics! Or even better, a form dedicated to cat hunting where the hunters can brag about their latest kills. LOL
  6. I am supposing that the out right cat haters on here have never had or owned a cat. I think there are more prejudice ignorant people who are casting a vote to kill/harm, then the knowledgeable people on this subject. So this will be my last post on trying to educate ya'll. And this brings to mind about wittnessing what some are capable of doing. I was at a paylake call Ronjoe's early 90's. Everything was quite. It was spring. It just felt good to be out. All of a sudden a shrill terrifying scream over took the calm. My cousin who ran the lake for awhile went to investigate. He found a cage w/6 newborn kittens, cold and shivering under a guys truck. The screaming kitten had been impaled on a hook. The losy SOB was using them for shouvel head bait. My cousin being a big guy went crazy. He grabbed the guys poles and litterilly shreaded them. Of course the guy came back at him. Thats all it took. Gave my cousin another reason to give him an ass beating. Another guy who apparently owned the truck came running, threw his gear in the back and grabbed the blackeyed kitten killer. I guess this story wouldn't bother some of you. Thses are the kinda scum that don't give a care about neutering, medicating and keeping cats contained inside. The kinda low lifes that would drop off cats and kittens at the end of you driveway. They take no responsibility. Wonder what values they instill in their children? "you come from your fathers, why should you be any different"..Jesus
    ... leave them to fend for themselves and I'll protect the wildlife I cherish by sending them to their maker...

    paylaker ...
    watched them used for pike bait in Canada when I was real young...
    not sure if that would ever be my choice of baits..
    well unless they produced some HUGE fish ;)
  8. BTW ... had an uncle who raised rabbits for food and would also use them for fox bait by busting their leg hanging them in a short bush with a string attached to their leg for a little pull call now and then... I hated that man when I was a kid but can't argue with his success at using what he had raising 13 kids...
  9. FishnJoe, I'm having a hard time understanding your point. I have owned a cat, and it was a tough thing to do when I had to have her put to sleep. Nobody is suggesting the things your talking about. The point is very simple, take responsibility for you pets, or we'll have to.
  10. well said [​IMG]
  11. UFM82

    UFM82 The one others want to be

    OK, you KNEW somebody had to say it. So I did.


    Oh, where's WD when we need him...
  12. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    I had a few when I was a poor, laid-off, just paid my last $1000 for tution college student.
    They are carnivores and have a very strong taste. I wouldn't eat one now but after a few days of nothing to eat they tasted like Kobe Beef.
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  13. crankus_maximus

    crankus_maximus Crankus Baitus Maximus

    Here kitty, kitty...

    Just kidding - partially.

    As said on here before, if a cat is a pet - then it should have a collar on and not be outside where it can cause damage and be damaged....

    You know, there are some people who think deer are cute too. Boy do they taste good!!! MMMMM...
  14. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    I grew up with two siamese cats, Ralph and Sam. Great cats but they were kept inside, declawed, neutered and spayed.
    I support any law that would classify them as a nuisance species.
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  15. my grandmother, bless her soul, use to tell me how they would sell skinned cats they raised as long tailed rabbits and nobody knew the diff...
    that was back in the depression days...
  16. A Good Cat is a Dead Cat! I live out in the country and I get tired of seeing the out of towners drive down the road and dump litters upon litters of kittens out the windows of their cars/vans/suvs. I had a neighbor that had 35 feral cats, that were supposedly hers that toured the entire neighborhood. Once they started attacking my dad's chickens, it was game on!
  17. I like it....
  18. game on? can I play?
  19. bugtussel

    bugtussel Banned

    I do hope all birds are classified as prey-limititaion enforced. They are not only rats/-merely rats with wings; They spread, and/or/carry diseases;. I hope you can keep your kids in your back yard.. Poop on my tires.Whaw!. Kids spray painted a dozen cars on my street, last nite. 13 kids,? Why? Why do think taxes are up? Keep your pants zipped if you don't have other hobbies/means to make the world a better place. I don't have any kids at home..And I see no reason to pay for your Mind-Set to be passed on to succeding generations. Sorry, but; your quality of people , having unlimited rights to carry on the species scares the me. School levees..Can't go to the library on on sunday? Bob Taft, I don't think it's all him. Brag about 13 kids? The man is using injured animals as bait, to pay for his families sustinance? I'd rather see a cat take down a wild turkey in your front yard;.
    Whos' paying for it.
    Probabably not you.
    I spent a number of years, doing things that I no longer have pride in. Life is a wake-up call. Judge mights say---Don't do it again--Guess what.
    God doesn't give do overs.
    Remember that..
    The face we see in the mirror might always be the one we remember, it might just be the one we shave.
  20. bugtussel your in need of a language do over dude... :rolleyes:
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