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Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by 2talltim, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. 2talltim

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    looking to do some cattin tonight...what would be my best bet my best options i think would be Charles mill, Knox lake, alum, or Delaware what would you suggest
  2. Swick

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    I would suggest charles mill. Just because I grew up on that lake and that's where I have my best luck. Try cut shad. It seems to work best. At least it seems to weed out the smaller fish. Last time I was there though the water color was of and fishing was terrible. I'm hoping things are better cause im heading up there wednesday. If you go there let me know how it was.

  3. Your probably already gone, but my son and I went to Knox last week and caught 4 Channel Cats. The biggest was 5#. We were using Creek Chubs down near the Dam.:F
  4. 2talltim

    2talltim Bubby wanna be

    we ended up going to alum off of hogback rd. were using cut shad had several hard hits but only reeled in one little guy...going to save a trip and go up the road to knox tomorrow night