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i went last night it did not look good casting limited with wind and waves 3' to 5' and 8' rolers.
i started fishing 1 hour later sholder to sholder crosing my line i went to find beter spot.
i come to defrent spot and there is guy and girl casting from low rock 20' from water hooking the rocks puling the lures out.
i know by look they did not know what they were doing.
i put the girl on high rock next to the water,and told her what lure to use,the guy falowed her,they fished 2 hours each got 2 eyes 27",28".
the girl was doing beter then the guy,she was neting her fish in 8' rolers crashing the rocks.
the guy was redy packed to go and she was steel casting.when they went home they say thanks for your help.
i strgled i got 2 eyes mis 3.
bite was good 100 eyes come out 24' to 28" eyes,lot off fish were last with neting in big rolers,you picking the fish with net,then 8' roler come in and the fish is 9' higher in the rocks 2 seconds later the fish is socked 6' from rocks,lot off eyes got lost by neting.

when you fish rocks leave the sidwalk open for people to go by.
one dumb ass setup his shop in mitell off sidwalk,people carie the fish had to go around him to climb rocks.
i am there for fun,but i had to be babysiter i had to chew his ass.
21 - 40 of 56 Posts