casting boo?

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  1. anyone here fish bamboo for steelies?
  2. I have three Heddon Bamboo flyrods from my dad but all the tips are broken. Hope to find someone that can see how repairable they might be.
    I also have a custom 7ft 4wt fiberglas that was made for me back in 1971.
    Used ut once for steelhead and managed to land a 29" hen (1 out of 5) then put it away, strickly for trout.
    I will fish the Boo if I can get them repaired.

  3. I never have, but I do fish my boo for panfish, trout, & bass. One thing to remember when fighting larger fish on the boo. Turn the rod so the "bend" during the fight is not always down toward the reel or you'll develope a "set" in the tip pretty quickly. Just a little something I picked up from a guy who is a lot more knowledgeable about bamboo than I am.
  4. if you need someone to fix your rod, these guys can give you great info and suggestions:

    as for me, I just picked up my first boo rod I'm going to uise for steelhead fishing. lets see what gives. its a cheaper model, but I want to get a feel for it before I plunge down big $$$ for a decent one.

    I did not know that ab0ut the tip.
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    i got 3 boo rod's from someone during our clean-up day's in the township....but, all the eye's are rusted i'm looking for someone to replace them......once i get them fixed,i plan on trying them out....i have never fly fished before but, would like to learn......