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  1. Has anyone seen any rods that are made of "Curran...a biocomposite material made from carrot nanofibers"? August (2007) Outdoor Life has a small article on this new technology.

    Its renewable unlike petro based carbon fibers. Rods (Just Cast tradename) are made by Cellucomp in Scotland.

    Could rabbits be a problem while fishing...."what's up doc" .:D
  2. I read that article as well. I believe they mentioned that they were primarily in Europe at the time. I have not heard anything about them around here yet. It is definitely an interesting concept.

  3. Shaun Frame

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    I've heard that you can see better fishing at night with 'em.
  5. If your a bass fisherman just hold one in your hand for 2'll change your mind!
  6. It sounds like you have checked them out then? I am curious to hear more. I am sure that if they are indeed a legit option the prices will probably come down a bit over time. Like I said I don't own any rods in that price range right now and have no plan to do so any time soon.
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    They look interesting. I certainly would want to hold one in my hand for 2 minutes before buying one. It might be a great rod... but it better be for being so bleeding ugly.
  8. I saw them in person for the first time last Saturday @ Land Big Fish. As impressive as the entire store was...nothing blew me away like the E21 Carrot Stix (the Zoom wall was a close second!)

    I could be a little off but I believe they weigh something like 3.2 ounces! It would seriously be more work to brush your teeth for 10 minutes than to take one of these rods flippin' all day!

    They have the LTX model ($150) and the Boyd Duckett Gold Series ($250) but I haven't been able to distinguish the differences. They're actually doing a pretty poor job of marketing their product...I know that they won "best of show" at the 2007 ICAST show.

    Like I said, I saw them at Land Big Fish and I know that they sell them at Cabellas as well...they are seriously worth checking out. Needless to say, I'm only waiting on my tax return! :D

    The website is
  9. Young-gun...thanks for telling us you saw them at LBF. Will check them out next time I head there.
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    I saw Booyah down at the Bassmaster Classic carrying one around. I'm sure he will be able to offer some feedback after the weather warms.
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    I bought 2 at the classic, made by e21. seem like nice rods, haven't got to fish them yet. will let everyone know once I do.
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    i saw a show that shaw grisby was using one and he seemed to like them.