Carriage Hill

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by grabrick, Jun 8, 2008.

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    Went down to Carriage Hill Metropark this evening for a few hours. It's nice to know that as of 5/29/08 they have finally chemically treated the darn lake for weeds. It's a big improvement already and I am sure that it will get even better. I couldn't catch anything off of plastics, spinners, and whatnot. Just for giggles I started to throw a Zara Spook. Ended up taking two bass. One of them had eyes much bigger than his stomach (9" on a 4" bait) and the other was about 15". The weirdest thing was catching a big skipjack. It was even a clean catch through the lips. Should have kept him for catfish bait :)
  2. pendog66

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    a skippy in carriage hill? i didnt even think that was possible.... very nice congrats

  3. Thats pretty neat catching a skipjack at carriage hill.. have fished there alot and never heard of that. Im glad to hear that they are treating that lake for weeds, it is always a mess about this time of the year.