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  1. Does anyone fish carriage hill`s lake?does anyone know if there is an abundance of carp there?Or advice on any other lake with big carp?
  2. I go ice fishing there every year and do well catching Big redears and bluegill. As far as carp goes... there are some big carp in the lake. I can remember walking along the rocks a few years back and seen a dead grass carp that probley weighed about 40 some pounds.

  3. Good ol' Carriage Hill. I fish there sometimes because it's only a few minutes drive. Ive got alot of bass in the 3lb range. But, I mainly go there for bait.. Ill go there and catch about 10 bluegill ( to use that night for Catfishing ). The bluegill population is out of control.. I will catch 10 bluegill ( nice sized ) within 15-20 minutes.
  4. I need someplace close with a lot of fast action to take my grandson this year. He will be 3 in june so not much attention span. Sounds like a likely spot!
  5. carriage hill will be perfect then for your grandson. i used to bring my girls there to teach them to fish about 15-20 years ago. i bought a can of sweet corn and the girls had no problem baiting their hooks and the blue gills loved the corn. it must have been fun for them because they still come along when i go fishing only now they bring their husbands and boyfriends.

    another good thing too about carriage hill is for some reason an ohio fishing license is not required for anybody to fish there

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  6. carriage hill would be a great place to go out and bring the kids.
  7. where is carriage hill?
  8. Just off of 201 in Huber Heights