Carping @ Stonelick dam

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by TimJC, Apr 24, 2004.

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    I hit stonelick today for a few hours of carpin and got nada. I chummed up an area in the middle of the rip rap area on the left side of the dam (if your facing the lake). The area is about 20 yards beyond a stick that is up near the bank. The fish should move in within the next couple hours in this spot. So feel free to hit it.

    I did see people catching trout in this area also but the trout will probably be moving to my chum bed soon also...
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    Hey I fished around that spot this year also and I got skunked too. :rolleyes: I have yet to catch a carp ANYWHERE yet this year. :confused:

  3. TimJC

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    Ok, I don't feel so bad then. I haven't caught anything out of that lake EVER, but I have only fished for carp there. I am hoping that all the work that I have put into this lake will pay off with either a lot of fish being caught in a short period or one EXTREMELY LARGE FISH being caught. Catking says that the largest carp he has ever seen was in stonelick (of coarse that means that it is probably only around 18 pounds 15 ounces :D ).
  4. Below Stonelick Dam is where I became hooked on fishing. Why? Carp! This was a good 18-20 years ago so it won't be of any help now lol.

    I was about 10 years old and my dad and I would go out with a container of waxworms and a couple of dinky Zebco combos. Living in Milford, Stonelick was just up Rt 131 a bit and we would often fish for bluegill around the beach or dock area.

    Well, one day we decided to look for the Dam just to see it. We quickly found it and realized the pool below looked absolutely great for the smaller panfish. We put our waxworms on our small hooks and got to fishing. We had caught and released a few bluegill when out of nowhere my bobber shoots under the surface. A few minutes later I banked a respectable carp. It probably wasn't more than 3 pounds but hey, I was 10 years old and used to catching bluegill that wouldn't be confused for slabs!

    As the day went on this scenario repeated itself no less than 15-20 times over the course of 3 or 4 hours. On multiple occasions we had doubles, always catching and releasing the carp to grow up, or whatever they did in the small Stonelick pool leading to an even smaller stream.

    We were amazed at our good fortune, stumbling onto this treasure trove of great fishing. We eventually realized that with a better bait (wheaties!,) we could ignore the panfish and concentrate on the carp, as they gave us plenty of action. During that summer, we would return 2 or 3 times a week to repeat the same process of catching as many carp as we could reel in on our dinky setups. The biggest we ever caught was certainly no bigger than 8 pounds, but they were fun, and a lifelong fisherman was born.

    Over the winter, we would often talk about how we couldn't wait for warm weather so we could return to Stonelick's dam and do some good ole carpin'! Spring came along and we returned to Stonelick. Things were going great during that year but we did seem to notice our catch numbers dwindling.

    One day toward the beginning of summer we made another trip to Stonelick. We were shocked to find no less than 60-80 dead carp lying along the shore, above the sidewalls to the dam and overflowing garbage cans. In such a small area, it literally looked like hundreds. This wasn't a mass beaching of sorts, someone was deliberately removing these fish from the water. I can't visualize all that many things that occured in my life 18-20 years ago, but I can see that image like it occured 5 minutes ago.

    Afterwards, Stonelick Dam was never the same. :(

    My theory is that snaggers are to blame. There were a couple of occasions where we'd see the same 2 guys casting to the wall and snagging. They caught tons of shad and carp that way. Oh, and an absolutely beautiful largemouth bass that weighed 6-7 pounds. Blah.
  5. I went to Stonelick once last year and also got skunked. The next time we get a big rain, and my schedule is free, I'm going to Stonelick for "revenge."
  6. I wish I'de known you were there. I almost rode over today. Did you have any of your fish catching inventions w/you. Always like to read your posts. I don't know whats happening there with carp. With such a shallow lake I was wondering when the spawn would be on. I don't see the carp rolling as years back. I wonder if they might have been netted or something on a day no one knows about. Not an impossibility. Where are they anyway?
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    No I didn't have any of my "MacGyver" inventions. I did have a lot of euro carp gear, and got some funny looks when I was baiting my swim.
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    I saw where first time carper flathunter caught 19 freakin carp with a mickey mouse pole and corn, yea real fancy stuff. Maybe you are out smartin the carp :rolleyes: DA KING !!! :p
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    Well He has out smarted someone (ME). I cant catch a carp if my life depended on it. No matter what I have done I just cant seem to catch a carp. MAN I need help :confused: :eek:
  10. TimJC

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    What I need to do is stop fishing certain lakes that were reccomended by you for a may fish-in last year where only 8 fish were caught TOTAL. :rolleyes:
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    Looks like DA KING !!! will have to show JR. how to get them carp at Stonelick :rolleyes: I'll probably head down there this weekend, and give ya a full report :cool: DA KING !!! :)