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  1. I thought I will be placed on a bit higher level in the hell if I do something nice from time to time, so I took our two new interns fishing last night.

    One is from Poland, one from Ukraine, so carp fishing was the first choice but considering that this is the spawning time I did not expect good results. Luckily, carp had feeding on their mind last night :)

    We went to Scioto. First I got this little one, my first carp this year:


    Bit later Michal (using his broken rod) got the biggest fish in his life. This is Michal reeling in:


    and this is the trophy with jealous Alex on the picture a well:
    [​IMG]. It was almost 20 lb and 32 inch.

    All together we landed 3 fish, lost two. Alex could not resist and decided to keep the smaller we got, he will today probably call me to say that I was right saying that the wild common carp taste just like its anagram and does not compare to the farm raised mirrors in the Old World.

    Great evening and I was officially blessed by both the polish and ukrainian representatives.
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    Cool post. They farm raise mirron carp in Europe for consumption? How do you buy them? What was the bait?

    Lastly, whats a carp's anagram?

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    Sounds like a good time. PM me sometime to go canoeing from smallmouth or carping.

    I heard an interesting presentation last week on carp farming in Ohio for consumption. Apparently we are exporting a lot of carp to NYC and Toronto, where a diverse group of cultures gobble them up!

    Pigsticker - switch the "R" and the "A".

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    agreed on the cool post.

    I *think*, and I may be wrong, that a carp's anagram would be crap.
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  6. Thanks guys - I am glad you enjoyed reading my post.

    Answering questions: yes, farm are commonly raised in Europe. In the UK - for fun (as a game fish on paylakes). Germany and east from Germany - they are farm raised as a Christmas equivalent of your Thanksgiving turkey. Sold in supermarkets and on street alive, never bigger then 2 kg, mostly around 1 kg. I am not sure how the tradition was born, but I see at least two reasons for it:

    - most people dont eat meat on Christmas Eve
    - carp is cheap to raise

    Tight lines!
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    looks like you guys had some carping fun.