carpet glue removal

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  1. whats the best chemical to remove a lot of carpet glue from aluminum? thanks in advance-Gabe
  2. I ended up using wire wheels and 3M pads to take the majority of it off and acetone for the rest ,,what a pain I could not find any thing that worked very well ,,other than make a gooey mess....I don't know what they used but it was like concrete

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    If you are putting new carpet over it, use a razor blade to remove the bigger stuff that will cause humps, then put your new glue over top of the old. If you are using new, don't try any chemicals on the old because it may break it down, and the new won't stick to it.
  4. My goal is to remove the carpet from the aluminum decks of my bass tracker and paint them olive drab. The wire wheel sounds like a good idea!
    ****Any better ideas will still be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!Thanks so far!!! -Gabe
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    Get a heat gun and work it so the glue just becomes tacky and roll with a scotch pad or if its hard enough a 2in putty knife and tap with a hammer to chip it off. if it is still sticky might try a eracer wheel that goes on a drill, you can get them at a napa.
  6. thanks, ress. I have a heat gun with scraper nozzle/attachments that just might work. I will try it. -Gabe