carpal tunnel surgery

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  1. had surgery yesterday and never thought it would hurt like this. doc says no fishing for a while. he's not a fisherman and doesn't understand that that's not as easy to wait out as it sounds lol!! i had my left (reeling ) hand done. hope to see you guys on the water/ice soon.
  2. yea i've heard thats a pretty nast surgery and the recovery can be a bear!

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    listen to doc;)
    i had the same hand done in june.after getting stitches out and getting into the brace,i hit the water(3 weeks out,i think).everything was fine till i set the hook on a channel cat.i use right hand baitcasters so my left hand is my rod hand.when i set the hook,i thought someone ripped my hand off.jim horan had to take the rod and reel the fish in.damn that hurt.terrible shooting pain down my palm to my wrist.needless to say,i stuck with my lefthand spinning gear for several weeks afterward.
    most surgeries give good results.mine were disappointing.after over 6 months i have pain in my hand where i didn't even have it palm is tender like it's badly bruised,still lacking full strength/grip and still have some arm pain,fingr numbness.not sure why i still have problems,but it felt better at 3 months than it does now:(
  4. I've had both hands done... Listen to the doctors. I think I was back doing what I wanted in 6-8 weeks. You never really get back 100% of your strength. Maybe 85-90% so it's not too bad. I know lots of folks who've had that operation and most are satisfied with the results. The biggest problems is when folks let the condition go too long without getting it fixed, nerve damage may be permanent.
    Even if the doctor says to do what you want, don't do anything crazy. It's been awhile but I think I noticed improvemnt over the next 6 to 10 months.
    I never missed any bow season over it and I think I had 1 of them done in maybe June (early summer). Good luck in your healing.
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    Had both done 4 yrs ago, in the winter months. Went ice fishing anyhow. I'm right handed and the ice appeared while my right hand was "recovering" (still bandaged I recall), had to use my right forearm to hold the auger down and use my left hand(which had already been done a few weeks before) to turn the auger. But trust me, I managed to get some fish. :D My hands are still in good shape today, no complaints!!! Before the surgery I was in constant pain, what a relief the surgery was!
  6. I have to agree with everyone here, follow the doc's advice! I had neck surgury a while back and tried to push myself with tournaments afterward, BAD move. Last thing you want to do is damage something thats already been damaged and repaired by surgury. Healing and recovery time triples! Hope you feel better soon. :B
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    i know several people who've had the surgery also,and most had excellent results.i know some take longer to heal,and i may yet see some improvement,but i think it was worse than first believed,as i had lots of pain and numbness clear up to my shoulder.i could also be having some symptoms from nerves in my neck which showed a little damage before the cp surgery.that could be worse now.i had very extensive neck surgey 2 years ago and it turned out much better,but i'm sure there has been more degeneration and possibly compression over the past couple years that could be contributing.
  8. Yes, do everything the doc says. Had my right one done years ago. The best thing for ya right now is lots of rest and dont over-do it. They can do it with a laser now a days,which saves a lot of healing time. Wish they would of had that when they did mine. Hope everything turns out O.K.
  9. thanks for the advise guys. told my boss the other day that i'd be back this friday(uninformed move). just called him to let him know i was taking a few more days. he already expected it and had a good laugh. good part is that i'm sitting here bored and keep finding great deals on fishing stuff on ebay. put in 4 orders so far and also ordered my ogf sticker for my van. can't wait to get it. ogf pride!!
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    and i,m having my rt hand done,taking a week off to heal so hope thats enough,hope we have ice at the end of that week,heard of good results from the surgery,it,s been a pain for the past several yrs so i hope this clears it up,time will tell.........