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  1. anyone know of any good creeks or ditches to bowfish carp? we to a ditch along poe road the other day where it ends at scotch ridge and saw probally twenty but i want to try a few other places
  2. I have a real good ditch by my house PM me if you want more info, it gets full of them it leads right to the bay.

  3. I have seen a few carp in the ditch that runs along Hull Prairie Rd. Not sure how often they are there or how many occupy that area. But since its just right outside of town (Bowling Green) you might want to check it out.
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    if you are familiar with the port clinton area you can pick just about any ditch or creek in that area and the carp are huge.
  5. Most creeks and ditches along SR281 sw of BG is good.
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    If you're willing to wait a few weeks I can take ya out in the river and show you more carp than you can shoot. Once this water goes down feel free to hit me up.

    Or check out the ditches along RT 2; they are usually loaded with carps. :B
  7. are the ditches along SR2 considered public water or do you have to go to specific areas or get land owner permission?