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  1. Insane amount of carp in Rocky River yesterday. I was wading and at one point was surrounded by about 15 of them and they were all very large, and looking up at me . The river was very low they had the appearance of Jaws coming at you. Pool behind Memorial Field if you want carp.
  2. I love carp fishing with a 8wt. Is the field near Rockcliff Ford ??

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    Yes it is.
    I seen a ton of carp the past week. The only thing I have seen more then carp were the gar. *GULP*
  4. I like to stalk them when they are tailing. They are a bunch of fun, the whole comparison to Bone fishing is right on. But its no fun when they are stacked up in a bunch just hanging out like in a an aqaurium. They don't seem to want anything to do with a fly then... only when you see them tailing and rootin throught the grass.

    I use my 5 wt and let me tell you they can take you for a ride!!!
  5. Yes I tried not interested in anything I threw their way. But they were tailing and rooting out stuff, but mostly grouping and swimming by. Also waded past a couple of steelhead that didn't make it...but all in all a bad day for catching fish with the levels so low but a nice day to be out..