Carp, the other Fertilizer!

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  1. thought it would share this since planting season is coming up, have a feeling i will get bashed by the "Carp Guys";).
    ive been gardening for about 6 years now, planting mostly tomato's, peppers, and cucumbers.
    last year i became a Home owner for the first time and quickly planted a small garden with tomato's, peppers, and cucumbers. since there was no previous garden in the yard i had to start from scratch getting the soil good and fertilized. at years end i found Carp to out perform dead bait, fish guts, and yes MIRACLE Grow! in late April, a couple days before planting the garden i decided to go and "spear" some carp in a flooded backwater of the GMR for fertilizer. i only got 5 that day and burried them alongside 2 of my tomato plants. i had a total of 5 "big boy" plants 2 of which had carp and 3 i used miracle grow on. by late August the 2 plants with carp ended up being OVER 8ft tall and produced 3 times the 'maters the 3 others did. i couldnt give tomato's away fast enough! i heard about "carp fertilizer" a long time ago from a friend of my Grandmother but never tried it until '08. below are pics of the plants that eventually grew 8ft, actually almost 9' by Mid Sept when the Ike widstorm broke them.), i stand 6'1 and am holding up the top of the plant and beleive they were 7-1/2 at that time. wish now i would have taken a pic of the 3 others (grew to about 4-1/2 to 5ft) for comparison. now, where did i put that spear.......


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    Those are some giant mater plants. I think the gmr can spare one or two carp for your veggies and be

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    Do you bury the carp or just let them sit there? I did the same thing w/ by bait tank fish (blue gills, small carp, chubs, bullheads, crappie, goldfish etc...) and didnt really notice much, but all I did was throw them in the garden once I found them dead in the tank.
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    He buried them -
    ... ;)

    It makes sense... leaving them topside would allow rain, birds, insects, etc. to remove more of the fish than if buried I'd think.
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  5. dink not trying to critique your plants but it seems as the plants are spending most of their energy making leaves. i always prune/pinch off the suckers early in the growing season. this does a couple of things such as allowing air to circulate keeping the plants open to sunlight and most of all making the fruit larger and tastier.i tried using carp a few times but something would dig them back up over night so i gave up on that now i just use compost.sometimes i still throw a couple in there though.
    i enjoy fresh tomatoes, what would summer be without them.
  6. thanks for that link catfishhunter33! i do prune the plants from time to time, mostly just pruning the dying stems/leaves from the bottom. after posting this i was wondering if pruning them, height-wise, would make them more bushy and produce more fruits.
    just finished watcing the video in that link, thats exactly how i "prune" mine but i really need to do it more often.
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  7. Nice looking tomatoe plants. Wish you lived closer. I would be glad to take some off your hands this year. I moved into a town house in Lorain in September and don't know if I will get enough sun to grow tomatoes. Been growing them in pots on the front walk for the last couple of years at the other place I lived. No sun in the back yard there.
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    We buried the carp I caught growing up in our garden. We could not keep the feral cats from fighting over them and digging them up at night. I couldn't stay up all night to keep watch with my bb gun and they just tore up our garden.
    How deep did you bury them? Did you pour dried blood or bone meal over the carcasses?
  9. i buried them about a foot deep, maybe a foot and a half. did not pour anything over them, just kinda chopped them up a little with the shovel before i covered them. that was a big mess, splattered carp blood all over myself!:S
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    Well this is one Carp guy who won't give you crap for killing a few Fish ;) In fact, I'm glad to see you use them for what they are ..a true renewable resource. If your garden produces food for your table & you did not need to put another chenical into our soil...Great !

    You have shown that Carp have more value than just on the rod & reel.
    Just try to take the smaller Fish in the future..hahaha

    Great post Dink - Gary
  11. what to do with all those tomatoes
    if you have a freezer and want to extend the tomato season then freeze them.
    it is easy as pie,just bring a large stock pot to boil and drop a few in at a time.let them boil for a few seconds--take them out and imediatly place them in the sink that has ice water.the skin will crack,then just peel.i usually quarter then place in freezer bags.i use them in stew/soups etc can also be juiced.
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    Great to see the carp we remove out of the eco system having a use. I take hundreds a year and I have several farmers and private people that use them for their gardens. If anyone needs some just let me know...;)