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  1. this is a follow up to the thread "Sweet and sour Carp" ( . the lady i work with directed me to where to pic up the sweet-sour mix (oriental store) and told me to just follow the directions on the pack. three times now i have brought her carp and each time she has brought me some in with some rice....PHENOMENAL! first, get you a carp preferably about 5lb (any smaller and the bones are way too small and are a big pain!). scale it, gut it, whack off the head, and just wash it. no need to remove the mud vein! after that steak the carp into three big chunks and pan fry in hot oil until golden brown and then set it aside. take 2 tbsp cooking oil and saute 1 tbsp sliced ginger, 3 gloves garlic (optional), sliced onion, sliced carrots, and sliced red bell pepper for 2 minutes. disolve the pouch (shown in pic) in 3/4 cup of water and pour into the sauteed veggies. bring to a boil and simmer for two minutes or until it thickens. add to fish and simmer for another minute. season to taste and serve. be careful of the small "Y" bones, with practice they are easy to remove. i havent tried this yet but when i do i will skin the carp and score the meat to where the bones are really fine. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Can't wait to try this. The only thing I need to do is catch a carp in a relatively clean location!

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  4. i dont think i could ever be that hungry
  5. they have been on to me here lately to bring in more Carp, just havent had the time. BTW, the one ladies husband says the HEAD is his favorite (they cook head and all!). said he eats lips, brains, meat under the gill plate, EVERYTHING! now thats going too far IMO :eek: :S :eek:
  6. MMMmmmmm carp lips! Cheese Haven had smoked carp for sale (along with several other species) when we were up last month.

    Like alot of other foods, once we put aside our cultural stigmas it probably ain't so bad.
  7. When I was groing up I was friends with 2 Taiwanese(spelling ?) brothers. We used to go fishing together. One day we tore up the saugeyes, and they asked if I wanted to go home with them and cook the fish. We got to there house and I grabbed my knife out of the truck to fillet fish. They said no filleting. I started to wonder what they were going to do. They put a massive pot of water on the stove, brought it to a boil, and threw 12 whole saugeyes in. They boiled them, and served them whole. That boiling pot of fish really stunk the house up. They ate everything but the bones. They sucked the heads clean too. Theres no wasted fish in that house.
  8. Please tell me you left out a couple of steps. I hope those fish were at least scaled and gutted.:eek:

    I have eaten carp a couple of times years ago and have to say that it is not at bad as many people try to imagine.;) As Dink said the medium size fish are the best.
  9. No, that was it. I couldn't believe it. But they couldn't believe that I would fillet a fish and throw the rest away.
  10. Now that makes me sick no matter what kind of fish it is.:eek:
  11. mmmm, just think..... CARP LIP JERKY!:eek: :eek: :S :S :S :S ;)
  12. We forget that in this country we have an abundance of EVERYTHING! Not so in other countries where a fish may have to feed an entire family. If it's edible, they eat it as a means of survival, not necessarily because it's gourmet fare.

    You don't have to eat the way other cultures eat, but I certainly admire their resourcefulness and lack of waste. Ever notice how skinny Asian dogs are? Not many scraps for them from the table.

    BTW, I have a Slovenian heritage, and you would probably gag at some thing I eat that you won't find on the Applebees menu. :p


  13. Nice post RiverRat. Our coutry takes for granted many things.
  14. well, the old polish way it to put the carp in the bathtoob with clean waterfor a week. The car will clean out.

    the side effect is that noone can take a shower so whether the carp smells or not wont make a difference
  15. SMoked carp is as good as any smoked fish. I was a major skeptic....but I have some in the fridge now. I bought it in a little store in Prairie du Chien Wisconsin. It is better than any of you will believe. My whole family likes it. I am convinced it is all in the preparation, not the species. Not that long ago, pork shoulder was considered junk meat. It is all in the way you prepare it. Just my newly formed opinion.
  16. old but good recipe..

    Build a nice hot campfire.
    Season carp to taste
    place carp on wooden board
    cook over fire for 15 minutes
    take carp off the board
    throw away the carp