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Carp on fire today!

Discussion in 'Carp Discussions' started by Biodude, May 24, 2007.

  1. Took off during lunch for a quick carpin fix on my flyrod. In less than an hour, I caught and released 5 carp, biggest over 10lbs, on my 3 wt! Had a HUGE carp hit my fly only to have the hook pop out. Truthfully, I was actually relieved because I would have been seriously undergunned. I tell you, flyfishing for carp is real great sport!
  2. What kind of flies do you use for carp? I live near the Cuyahoga river and there is a good population of decent sized carp. Would love to try the flystick on em.


  3. This past weekend I saw a ton of carp feeding and just acting crazy in general when I was kayaking. It looks like the spawn is done on most waters. Might have to get out and chase some carp this weekend. They should be nice and hungry after the spawn.

  4. They'll hit terrestial imitations, bead head nymphs, even dries when they're feeding on mulberries! I try to keeo the size down to #10 and below, and keep the color brown. Perfect casts right drifted precisely in front of their nose may illicit a strike. Have fun!