Carp in bottom of Scioto/Griggs

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Djtrikee, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Djtrikee

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    I see them swimming everywhere, but havent found the right bait or live bait to catch them, usually worms do the trick for me, but dont know what to use, has anyone been catching them?
  2. fishintechnician

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    corn or soft craws or maybe even a dough ball

  3. jray


    ive caught numbers of them in spillways with worms on the bottom ive never found away to catch the ones on the top
  4. My Son caught one on liver a month or so back(I was surprised to) I know guys who use corn and in the past I have caught them on Wheaties.
  5. Corn,Ry crisp,bread,wheatie balls,worms
  6. take a piece of white bread tear the edges off and wrap it around ur hook then take vanilla coke and DRENCH it and squeez it and i gurentee a carp
  7. striperfreak

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    corn works best for me, throw out a couple handfulls, wait half hour, thread several kernels on a hook with no sinker and hold on.
  8. Try a arrow with a muzzy on the end!!! I sure would like to see this spot.
  9. r u kidding

  10. Djtrikee

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    Yea i think im going down there and try corn and dough balls, cause its like 20 carp just swimming its teasing everyone
  11. I end up fishing for carp when the catfish stop biting in the spillways, last weekend I caught 5 carp over 20 lbs each. The best bait that I have found to get them to hit is mini-marshmellows that are fruit flavored and mulitple colors. These will float so you will have to weigh them down with a sinker but give them room where they will float off of the bottom. The good part about the bait you can use it over and over and not have to worry about making it. I actually keep a bag in one of my tackle boxes. The last bag a Walmart cost me $0.89. I have tried many different baits form dough balls to corn and usally they all work but none seem to be as cheap and durable. Goodluck and if catch any post some picutres.