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  1. First post here, although i have been reading the post for awhile. (very informative thanks all!!) I had my fisrt tango with a carp this weekend, of course I was alone, in my yak, with no net, it always happens like that!! Anyways I was stalking the carps mudding and hooked up with a 10 pounder. 30 minutes later I finally got my hands on him. It felt like I was on the flats fishing for bones!! Anyways wanted to say hi to everyone.
    -Liquid Assets
  2. Great job on your first fly caught carp! Now you will paddle past 18 inch bass to get to that 8-10 pound carp. I did that today. Saw a really nice largemouth today with 3 carp close behind. No brainer, cast to the carp!

  3. Hello! Nice job on the carp!! I am still trying...
  4. Hmm yes are well deserved a congrats! I rather fish for carp than trout anyday!
  5. How'd you land him from the yak, I don't think I could have managed that.

    Buckeyefly, I would have done the same thing (and have).
  6. Jsalkas... Very carefully LOL!!! I was only in about 6 - 8 inches of water so it wasn't as bad as it sounds. I slowly lifted his head and lipped him quickly and drug him into the yak. I have fished from the yak for about 3 years now and I am pretty good at not falling in. I wish I could say that at the begining of my kayak fishing career!!! Many a wet ride home :)
  7. I'm going to try lipping a carp next time I get one. I usually just get their momentum going toward the shore, do a gentle beaching, cradle the belly and grip the tail (although I've had some big ones that I haven't been able to get my hand completely around the tail).

    Thanks for the description, I'll file that one away.
  8. I have also tried the beaching method, and usually end up with broken line and lost hook. Since I was in the yak my options are limited ( with no net of course!) I also had 4x tippet on so i needed to be careful. Also by lipping him I could stay balanced by not reaching to far. Anyways it was a blast and can't wait to do it again!
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    Tall cool one strictly flyfishing

    30 min? Wow,I've never fought anything for more'n 10 min on a flyrod and I've landed carp to 40+ lbs on a 2x tippet. Your carp shoulda taken no more'n 5 min. Upsize on your tippets. I rarely use less'n 2x when I fish warmwater and I most often use 1x. Unless you're fishing small flies(#12 or less) you don't need fine tippets.
    At least it was'nt a trout that would've died from a fight that long. I kill every carp I catch anyway,#13 cleated boot to the head works every time,TC1
  10. TC1, I should upsize for sure, it was a spur of the moment kinda thing so i went out with what i had. It wasn't a drag out battle for 30 min, being in a yak the fish would stop and I would pull myself to him so not alot of stress on the fish and 30 min may have been alittle strech... i didn't have a stopwatch but it was awhile before i got the hook out. Why do you kill carp!? What do you use it for!? Just asking not trying to cause problems.
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    Tall cool one strictly flyfishing

    Carp are an introduced trash fish that fouls the water w/ their mudding habits. I'll give you an example; the Stillwater is one of my home rivers and it used to flow clear all summer long through about the early 70's. And then the carp population really took off and now the river stays cloudy/muddy all summer.It really kicks in once the water hits the 70's and the carp go shallow. You can see the billows of mud that swirl out of the slower backwaters(where the carp are mudding) into the main flows.Put a string of muddy backwaters and carp along the course of the river and there ya have it; a muddy mess. You can't tell me that all that mud does'nt affect the native fishes and the overall productivity of any river.
    There is a trib of the stillwater that used to give up rockbass to 14" and smallies to 18+,bluegills to 8-9" and giant green sunfish that went a lb+ and some very nice grass pickeral. The carp came in around the mid 70's and it aint been the same since. Still some nice smallies but the sunfish/gills/pickeral are all gone and the bottom is bare...used to be a healthy growth of aquatic plants that couldn't survive the constant rooting around the carp do. Kill all the carp, TC1