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Carolina rigs

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Warpath, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. I have been throwing a c-rig a lot the past month, mainly to get used to it so I can use it in tournaments. I have had a lot of fish come unbuttoned. I have one of three things come back to haunt me. Either the leader breaks when I set the hook, or a knot comes undone, or the fish shakes free.

    Does anyone use fishing glue on their knots? I saw Bill Dance uses it on his c-rigs. I try and be careful with my knot tying, but I only have trouble on my carolina rigs. I have not had a fish or knot come undone on a texas rig at all this year.

    I changed back to mono line and a mono leader and the same issues occurred. What else can I do?

  2. Warpath-

    What pound tests are you using for your main line and for your leader? I don't like to use anything less than 17 lb test on the main line, and usually will go no lower than 12 lb on the leader line. Usually works pretty good.

    Are you losing the weight or just the hook? Might have to adjust the type of sinker that you are using - I like the Mojo weights the best. Also, are you using a bead to protect the knot from the weight?

    Another thought, if you haven't tried them, use the Shaw Grigsby High Performance Hooks. I found that I get better hook ups with them and don't have to swing for the fences.

  3. Buzz,

    I am losing fish in every conceivable manner.

    I use the carolina quick rigs that have the weight, bead, and clacker all on a piece of wire with line ties at either end. I have lost fish where the line(leader) has snapped, any of the three knots have come undone, and I have lost a lot of fish that throw the hook after reeling them in. I typically have 14# mono on the reel and a 10# mono leader. I, like you, thought that it was the briaded main line and fluoro leader was the culprit, but when I switched back to straight mono = same results.

    Like I said yesterday, I am just trying to get a feel for it at the local pond before I really try it on a lake or during a tournament. I feel the strike, reel down and set the hook tech book, but somethng always seems to go wrong. Yesterday, I lost a money fish. Probably 4 # and it just made me sick. I got the fish to the shore and the knot came undone on the hook. If you saw Aaron Martens lose that fish with just a little time left in the Classic, and didn't feel bad for him.... I felt that way yesterday.