Carolina rigging

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  1. What type of knot do you use when setting up a carolina rig?:confused:
  2. Doesn't matter a whole-lot. I use a clinch or trilene knot to and from the barrel swivel. If I'm feelin real snazzy I snell the hook.

  3. In my opinion the palomar knot is the best but the improved fishermans knot is easy to tie (I can do it in dark w/o any light) and is strong enough for all but the heavest bites on light ling.
    Goggle Animated knots.
  4. thank you..........
  5. Leupy, the animated web site was really great! Thanks! And thanks to all of you that responded.
  6. I use a palomar now for 99% of my setups 99% of the time :)

    For a carolina rig though it can be frustrating the first time you do it with a palomar knot. Just follow this advice:

    When tying the carolina rig together tie the swivel and hook part first, then tie the line on your pole to that, don't try to tie the swivel onto your pole first!
  7. I am sure carp 104 ment the order should be
    1 swivel to leader
    2 wivel and leader to line
    3 hook or jig to leader