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    Anyone on this site in the Medical/Pharmaceutical Sales business, for that matter any sort of outside sales? Anyone that would be willing to lend some advice to someone looking to get into that type of career?

    For the last 10 years I have been working as Microbiologist, and it is time for a change. I would be interested to know what those with experience think about there field. I am also interested what those with knowledge would suggest I look for and also avoid as I start searching for a new position. As of right now, my boss has given me a contact with a large medical diagnostic company, Other than that I have just been internet job searching.

    I know it may be a strange place to look for job knowledge, but it can't hurt to throw it out.

    Feel free to PM if you don't want to post. Just curious to see what all I can learn.

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    My brother got into pharm. sales years ago and made a ton of money - he also worked a bazillion hours in the process. He's now an exec with IBM in their medical technology division and makes more money in a year than I do in five. There is definitely money to be made but other than that I got nuthin'.

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    I've worked in Healthcare marketing since 2000, both as a regional consultant for 15 SNF's in the Midwest and at the facility level.

    As you mention, there are opportunities with pharmaceuticals, but also ALF's, SNF & ECF's, hospitals, LTACH's, DME Companies, HH and hospice - you name it. Generally speaking there is good money to be made, both in base salary and incentive programs. One important factor about incentive programs is to make sure there isn't a cap.

    Companies usually are of one of the following types... the type to take clinical staff and turn them into marketing professionals or the type to take sales professionals and teach them the clinical aspects. And some progressive companies build their sales teams around both types.

    Build your resume/cover letter around your strengths and acknowledge the part you don't have. The company will notice - it's better to present that information openly and explain the qualities you have as to why they should invest in getting you competent in the other areas... then leaving them to draw their own conclusions and wonder if you even realize where you would need the help.

    It is worth noting that there are many companies that offer sales training and coaching... Sandler Sales Training Institute DBA Sales Concepts is one that I've personally had experience with.

    Ok I'm really rambling on... you know what... I actually have a sales meeting in Indianapolis tomorrow so I will be on the road for over 4 hours this afternoon... I'll shoot ya my work cell in a PM, feel free to call anytime after 1 PM today if you'd like to chat more.

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    If you are getting into sales the most important thing you can do is Listen to the customer. It is a lost skill today. Ask a few questions and then let the cutomer tell you what they want. Less talking and more listening will be what helps you get the sales and keep the customers.
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    I have been in sales for 7 years, plus have a degree in Sales Mgt. It is a tough job, yet rewarding. I sell capital equipment, not anything medical. One of my professors once said sales is "the easiest low-paying job or the most difficult high-paying job", it's up to you what you make out of it.

    The pharmaceutical business is tough, with very high turnover. It is also dominated by attractive women... go figure. However, if you succeed, it is quite a lucrative career. It sounds as if you have the background for this market. If you have the tenacity (and very thick skin), you will be happy with your choice

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    Thanks for the input so far guys. Adam, I will give you a call on your 4 hour car ride to see how much I can absorb.

    The sales area just seem so diverse that one question seems to lead to the next. Hopefully I will end up with some of the right answers.