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  1. What do you guys use for fuel additives? Evinrude says no! Might have carbon in a cly not lettin her go round right.
  2. I use ring free but know alot of guys who use sea foam.

  3. ditto on the ring free.
  4. I pulled an inj on my 225 and it looked like a black hole. Carbon chips! I dont know if treating it is going to fix it but sounds like its worth a shot. Ill try rolling the motor by hand too see if it has a tight spot. If so I think Im on to something. Evinrude says the fuel systems on their motors v-4,v-6 are closed systems. Not like a car that is open. By this I mean return fuel goes into your tank. Not a boat! Cant use additives then. Someone ran bad gas or the wrong oil in mine or its not getting hot enough. It has 500hrs and is 6yrs old. Didnt take long!
  5. i run Seafoam in my yamaha efi
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    Jig, Evinrude makes a product called 2+4 fuel conditioner for this very problem. If your rings are fouled with carbon I dont know how much go it will do now though. These products are neant to be used at every fill up to keep carbon from building up.
    If the carbon builds up on the rings to much they can break score the piston walls a cause all havoc. Dont ask me how I know. I now run a Merc but use ring free on every fill up
  7. Thanks guys! Sounds like I have my work cut out for me.:confused:
  8. Go to the Yamaha Marine site. The Ring Free has a "Shock Treatment" Where you run your fuel with a very heavy dose of ring free and it will fowl your plugs but it will help clean it up too. There are also spray in solvents wherer you let them soak over night and blow the shtuff out in the morning. Do a search on the Hull Truth .com those boys know their stuff.