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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by olwhitee, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. My wife's car is a 2000 hyundai with 83000 miles. Yesterday we noticed that the emergency brake light is on at the dash. The emergency brake is completely released yet the light is on, any ideas???
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    When was the last time the brakes were replaced. Might need a brake over-haul.

  3. Is the pedal lower than normal when pressed?
  4. Put a piece of black tape over light.................................Thank you very much!! Good night!!!!!
  5. Does it say p/brk,if not ck brk fluid :)
  6. Hi,
    I also own a Hyundai, I would go over to and post in the Maintainance section. Make sure you put make, model, year, milage, etc. to get a good answer.
  7. Since '99 or so, a lot of cars have a sensor for brake fluid level that results in the brake lite on when low. Your operator's manual may describe this condition. If your fluid is low, you can bet you need new pads/shoes at least.
  8. Banziii..............pull The Bulb......junk The Car!!!! Lol
  9. I don't notice the pedal any lower, and no we have not had the brakes serviced recetntly. I have already considered the black tape but I wanted to get opinions here first just to be sure I am not making a big mistake. I am gonna go check the fluid now, you would think that would of been the first thinkg I did but since it is the emergency light it never dawned on me.

    I am on vacation so the thinker is shut off if you know what I mean.

    I will check out that hyundai site, I have been looking for a place like that.

    Thanks guys.
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    If it is like every other car I have owned, it is NOT AN EMERGENCY BRAKE LIGHT. IT IS A BRAKE LIGHT. IT INDICATES A PROBLEM WITH THE BRAKE SYSTEM. It is probably something simple like too low on fluid caused by worn brake pads. But is could also indicate a more serious problem that could cause you to lose your brakes all together. Not a good thing when you are driving. For cryin' out loud, get it checked out.
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    Especially if it's the wife's car....
  12. Yeah, it is the brake light, I just have never saw it before unless the e brake was pulled. Just needed a bit of fluid, all is well now.

    Thanks for the help.
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    Is it the "brake" light or the parking brake light? There is usually two separate lights on most vehicles.

    The most common cause of a steady on parking brake light is a cable out of adjustment allowing slack in the handle/lever or a stuck/misadjusted switch for the light. Try pulling up on the pedal the next time you are in the car and see if the light goes out. Hold the release out so the pedal is free to move and pull it up with your toe. If it does, you either have slack in the cables or one is sticky. If that doesn't help, look under the dash by the pivot point of the pedal and look for a contact switch. It may be dirty and stuck closed.

    If it is the "brake" light, check the fluid. BUT, you said specifically it's the parking brake light. That isn't terrible.

  14. IF the fluid was low and adding some took care of the light, DEINITELY have the brakes system checked. Brake fluid is a closed system. The only way the car can need brake fluid is if there is a leak or the pads/shoes are worn out. Either way, you have a problem that needs fixed.
  15. Hmmm, must need my brakes changed. I will have it looked at asap, I can fix a lot of things but I don't like to touch the