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    Does anybody know a good mechanic in Columbus. My son is up at OSU and his car is leaking antifreeze. Its to far away from here and our local guy. Its a older car and we don't want to spend a lot of money on it. So if you have someone you trust let me know. Thanks wally
  2. Hi Wally,

    I work at OSU and take my car to C.A.R.S in Clintonville. It's a straight shot north down Indianola from OSU. They are know to be honest and good, and have great Angie's List scores. He might want to consider calling them and see if they can give him a ballpark estimate. Everyone I know uses them and I've never heard a complaint. Nice guys there, they've even given me a ride and offered me a loaner car.

    Good luck. -Steph

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    this is my guy.has worked on all my vehicles for over 15 years.quality service an honest.prices are standard rates,

    Boutselis Auto Care Inc
    (614) 863-6611 6050 E Livingston Ave
    Columbus, OH
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    My mechanic is at

    Wards Auto Body on E. Hudson st in Cbus. Only a few miles east of campus. Its owned and operated by 3 brothers. 1 works the front desk and phone and the other 2 do ALL the repairs. Dont be confused by the name because they dont even do body work there anymore now that their dad passed away a few years ago. Its kinda located in the hood but that keeps their prices low. For example Midas wanted $37.50 to turn each rotor and he just raised his price to $12.50 each from $10 and thought maybe that was too high. He uses all Napa parts and will give you the reciept after he installs it and guarantees it forever. You can also bring in your own parts if you want but he cant gaurantee those. Not many mechanics will let you bring in your own used or reconditioned parts. Their AAA certified and im very happy with them. The only drawback is he doesn't have a diagnostic machine so you might have to take it to someplace that does have one first to diagnose the problem if you don't know what it is already.