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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by cheezemm2, Jun 6, 2005.

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    Ok, so my car, a 1995 ford taurus has had the following done and it's below 56,000 miles...95' was a bad year for transmissions and head gaskets...I've already gone through that engine/rebuilt tranny...both less than 5,000 miles on them(sigh)

    So, the car hesitates from the very start to about 15mph and is then fine...
    Here's the process I'm going to go through...first check fuel filter, then fuel pump...if these two are ruled out I'm going to check plugs.....Finally if all this seems to be in good standing, going to check the catalytic converter/exhaust system and 02 sensors...If anyone else has any other suggestions please list them...thanks!
  2. I had similar probolem with my '89 taurus. Change the plus and wires. also check the timing. If is it not one of those tings, it is beyond what my problems were.

  3. The cat or fuel filter has nothing to do with what you are saying is wrong.If they were bad the car would run bad all the time.Ck plugs first!Good luck
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    I had a Tempo years ago and it need the injectors cleaned when acting like that.
  5. You might think Im wacked but under the cover on your steering column theres a wireing harness that runs the whole car! Check to see if it has come loose. If it has use nylon ties back together. This has been a problem with fords. I bought one for 50 bucks and knew exactly what the problem was before I bought it. Guy wasnt real happy!
  6. 1-FILTER AND PUMP(CHECK-VALVES) Its a multi-port(inj)40-50psi Should hold with key on enging not runnin. If so the fuel system is fine. Should change filter every 15000mi. poor starts/sluggish/missing/high oil levels
    2-PLUGS Hard starts/missing/poor gas mileage/pinging
    3-VACUM LEAKS Most newer(94-05) use a mass-air flow sensor in the air system. It tells the on board the amount of air moving through the horn or throttle body. With no air-NO FUEL. Fords were noted for it.(hesitation)
    The mass is not reading any air through it off idle. LEAN! This will create a stumble till part throttle if not stall. Any vac leak behind the mass will throw the reading off or the throttle body needs cleaned. Use the proper spray. The car will not run with out the mass on it. Note not all cars use this. Its located on the air hose. ;) Remove and look in side the horn. If its black its plugged.
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    i have the hesitation also and broke the code. =mass air flow needs replaced.=$98.00 it i right behind the air cleaner.but i have a gm
  8. FORD,DODGE,CHEVY use the mass sensor. Some models were built in the hose and some were removable. The code you got meant volt low/high. You can remove the horn and clean the back side of the butterfly with spray. 4 bolts and some linkage.
    Fuel systems were basically the same.
    The multi is noted for plugged filter problems because of the pressure required.
    The throttle body inj wont but are almost gone! :confused:
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    All this advice is dearly noted........gotta get the car home and check it out...I'm guessing fuel filter/pump...I'm pretty positive plugs/wires were just put on brand new not too long ago, but I will still check....after that, I'm headed for the Mass air flow sensor...Cars are such a great investment :p
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    hey jig. my mass air flow is removable . it is on the hose behind the air filter . did you say i can take it out and just clean it??
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    my boss had a problem like this it had nothing to do with the engine on some of the ford the trannys slip there is a different fluid they put in and it stops this form happening.if you are getting power(engine is reving but you are not moving or your moving to slow for what the engine is doing)you might want to look into this.very easy fix.dont ask me why this worked but its about the 5 person i know this happened to.however it dont know exactly what your car is doing.this maybe another route to try. :)
  12. you can take it out and clean it with carb cleaner,(ford says you can't clean it) the part you clean looks like the inside of a light bulb. just be very nice to it, and make sure it dry when you put it back in.

    one thing I would say you should check if the fuel pressure on the fuel rail. you could have a bad fuel pressure reg.
  13. Check the Idle Air Control Motor, fords are known for this. The dealers will replace them, but they can be cleaned. Also look at the t/body, as mentioned before. Clean with T/B cleaner only.