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Car Help Needed (again)

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by olwhitee, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Well, I got into my 1988 caddy today to drive home from work and the windows were fogges up. I turned on the defrost for the front windshield and off I went. As I drove I saw the windshield get even foggier. and when I put my hand up to the slots on the dash I could feel that there was no air coming out. Upon further investigation I found that the only place that air will bloww from is down by my feet no matter what setting I put it on ie; air, heat, defrost.

    I pounded on the dash hoping that I could get the airways opened, but no luck. I have heard of some cars not blowing air due to a bad vacuum, but to be honest I don't know exactly what that means or how to check it.

    What could the problem be? Any ideas or suggestions?
  2. sowbelly101

    sowbelly101 Keep'n It Reel

    Sounds like a heater core to me, had this happen in an 85 chevy. is there any smell of antifreeze or is the passenger side floor damp?


  3. I have a caddy as well. If you have the digital climate control module it may actually be a problem with the automatic actuators that control the heat/ac mix.

    Check out
    You'll want to go ahead and register for the site...that way you can browse without having constant ads pop-up. It's a great site and a tremendous resource for people who own cadillacs but can't always afford to pay someone else to maintain them. Before you ask....use the search feature to narrow down for your year/make/model. The forum has been around for a LONG time and most common problems have already been beaten into the ground. Rather than starting another the old ones first.
  4. There is no smells that I noticed. The air gets plenty warm, just does not blow out of the top passageways, only down at my feet.

    Thanks, I am checking it out right now.
  5. I believe Dkilla is correct. My wifes car was doing the same thing a while back. Had the transmission rebuilt and it works fine now. I wouldn't suggest going that route. :D
  6. Sometimes its just a vacum hose or can leaking. Check infront of the fire wall.
  7. some of the GM vehicles have vacuum hoses that are made out of a hard plastic instead of the old soft rubber type. Check the lines especially where they could have been exposed to heat. See if they are pliable. Many times they get so brittle they'll crack when you bend them a little. It's best just to get some new line and start replacing. It's cheap to buy, don't waste time splicing bad sections. You'll just have more problems later. Hope this helps!

  8. Thanks, I found the vacuum that leads into my firewall, but there is no suction. I put my finger over the end of the hose and it did not fix antying, so I guess it is down to following that hose back through the engine.....

    Good thing we are getting torrential rain and flooding right now or this might not be any fun.....
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    that hose connection should be close to your canister up in the front of your car. at least mine is ,as it breaks every year on my astro.
  10. Being as you said there is not air coming out of the defroster then it is an "air routing" problem not a temp problem. There should be small vacuum pots under the dash that control which doors for the system open and close. You need to figure out which door controls the defrost air, then which vacuum pot controls that door, and check it. It may be the vacuum pot, but more likely you will find a leak in the vacuum line that goes from the heater control on the dash to the vacuum pot. If all the other doors work properly, and the temp changes like it should, the problem is isolated to one door/pot/line. If the heater controls do not work at all, the it becomes a heater control/vacuum input problem.
  11. I found a vacumm line that came aprt finally. Air works good, and the car even idles smoother, what an adventure.

    Thanks for all the help.

  12. I'm having some issues with mine too. Doesn't blow cold...even after I recharged it. Let me clarify your issue....your's was cold but just not blowing thru the defrost vents or not cold at all?
  13. freyed..... I know that feeling! I got my vacuum experience on an Astro too. What a deal working on them! LOL

  14. Right, my air blew cold and hot, just was not coming out the right vents. All of my upper vents on the dash and the console were not working, only the vents that blow at my feet.