Car Antenna Replacement

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by cheezemm2, Feb 10, 2008.

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    Fiance has a 94 toyota camry and the power antenna is fried...We want to convert this to a fixed mast. We have the power antenna completely removed and now all this is left is the old power connectors for the motor that ran the electric antenna (not important) and the black "radio" cable. We bought an autozone universal antenna, but there is no connector for the radio to the antenna. We also bought a set of adapter to try to fit this, STILL NO LUCK! Am I missing something to complete the conversion. Is there a base for the antenna to be screwed into that I don't have? Any help is appreciated!
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    Not sure about the aftermarket antenna problem......Are you sure that your original power antenna motor is bad? Being a Toyota technician we don't have to many problems with the motors failing. Usually the masts get bent slightly and cause the gear on the mast to strip. They will grind for some time after this eventually stopping all together. MOST of the time replacing the antenna mast will cure all problems. Simple procedure also..... I'll be glad to walk you through if you decide to try!

  3. i would say maktackle is right on with the mast being bent with a stripped gear, as far as converting if i remember right all non power antennas have a mounting braket that is and im sure is different from a power antenna braket. crutchfield is also a great place to get answer on radio equipment.