Captain Kevin's Crank Bait Blowout

Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by Captain Kevin, May 31, 2008.

  1. Due to having more baits than I can possibly use, And being tired of tripping over in the boat, I am offering the following cranks for sale.

    4 chrome w/blue back shallow Rogues.
    1 gold w/black back shallow Rogue.
    2 chrome w/black back shallow Rogues.
    1 gold w/brown back suspending shallow Rogue.
    $25.00 for all 8. most haven't seen water, all in good shape.

    2 Firetiger Thunderstick Jr. deep divers.
    2 gold w/ black back Thunder stick Jr. deep divers.
    1 perch Thunderstick Jr. deep diver.
    1 yellow w/orange head Thunderstick Jr. deep diver.
    1 chrome w/black back Thunderstick deep diver.
    1 clear prizm w/ black back Thunderstick Jr. deep diver.
    $20.00 bucks for all.

    2 Firetiger w/purple head Thunderstick Jr shallow divers.
    1 rainbow trout Thunderstick jr shallow diver.
    $7.50 all 3

    3 firetiger Thunder sticks Shallow divers
    1 orange w/ black back metallic Thunderstick shallow diver.
    1 gold w/ black back metallic Thunderstick shallow diver.
    1 Tennesee shad Thunderstick Suspending shallow diver.
    2 yellow w/blue back Thunderstick shallow divers.
    $25.00 takes all.

    3 Yozuri Chrome w/ black back shallow divers.
    1 Yozuri Rainbow trout shallow diver.
    1 chrome w/ purple&green back.
    $15.00 for all.

    1 Excaliber Ghost minnow pink/yellow/white.
    1 mystic minnow white w/blue back. jointed
    1 mystic minnow yellow/orange back tracdown..
    1 mystic minnow white w/black top.
    $5.00 gets all.

    1 Magnum hot-n-tot chartruese w/ green herringbone.
    2 perch hot-n-tot.
    1 firetiger hot-n-tot.
    2 yellow w/orange head hot-n-tot.
    2 orange hot-n-tot.
    1 purple chrome hot-n-tot.
    1 blue chrome hot-n-tot.
    1 green chrome hot-n-tot.
    1 yellow/orange firetiger hot-n-tot.
    1 tennesee shad hot-n-tot.
    1 gold chrome w/green&blue back hot-n-tot.
    1 white w/orange herringbone hot.n.tot.
    1 orange prizm w/green back hot-n-tot.
    $30.00 takes all.

    2 firetiger Manns S5 cranks.

    Take the whole lot and you can have it for $150.00.
    I can send pictures to e-mail only because I'm too computer Illiterate to post them on the site. Thanks.
    ps. I'll throw in the 3 plano boxes they're in too.
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    I sent you a PM.

  3. Papascott


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    I am confused, You say 150 for all but when added up its only $132.50?
  4. Pappascott your correct my bad. $125.00 takes it all then. I apologized for the bad math.
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    PM'd ya for pics
  6. SwollenGoat

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    Interested in the hot-n-tots, would like to see pictures.

    Will you ship?
  7. Bulldawg has called dibs on the Tots.
  8. BigDaddy300 has spoke for the Yozuri's.
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    Emailed you back
  10. triton175

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    PM'd for thundersticks
  11. Thunder sticks, and Rogues still available.
  12. I'd also trade for some Off-Shore inline planer boards.
  13. Everything except the Yozuri's are still available.
  14. auglaizewader


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    Still got the hotntots? or are they gone?
  15. The tot's, Yozuri's, are gone. The thunder sticks have a gentleman interested from Findlay, so the only ones left are the rogues, and the other misc. baits.
  16. Thunder Sticks sold. Rogues, and the misc. is all that's left. Thanks folks.