capsized boat /cleveland harbor

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by freyedknot, Jun 10, 2007.

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    the salvage boat was working on a capsized boat in the harbor this evening. any news on whaqt happened?
  2. last week I believe. It was on the news. Everyone got away safe and rescued.

  3. That almost happens at edgewater quite a bit. I've been down there a few times around the bar's closing time on the old government pier (two-tier pier) when a boat races straight for the breakwall that's in front of the boat ramps. I guess that the alcohol impairs the ability to remember the colors of the lights around the harbor openings.

    It's an interesting sight to watch late night fisherman yelling and waving their rods to get the attention of the guy(s) about to hit the wall. Never saw a collision, but a few very close calls.

    Maybe someone should sue the city/state/feds for putting those dangerous rocks in the way.
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    "Maybe someone should sue the city/state/feds for putting those dangerous rocks in the way."

    I hope your joking but if your not

    Just a thought... but maybe just maybe....The drunks who are driving there boats shouldn't be or they should have a GPS with the walls marked or they should flat out know how to drive there boat and or SLOW DOWN.
  5. Yes. pure sarcasm. I've fished down there quite a bit over the years and witnessed quite a bit of stupid stuff down there - most involving alcohol and boats. I've lost quite a few lines down there when someone decided to go thru the 'no wake' zone on the way back from the flats at a fast speed. In those cases, I would open the bail to let 'em unspool me with their prop, then pop a spare in and keep fishing.

    The law seemed to have no problem making arrests down there on any night they were present.
  6. about the wrong accident. Sorry.
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    trucked. i click on the link youn provided and it comes up as pics of the eyes i caught 3 weeks ago???????????????
  8. What link bro? The only link I have in my posts is the one that takes you to all my pictures on Yahoo.
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    yes that one , when I click on it ,it takes me to my photos???? thats weird.
  10. you must have your pictures stored in Yahoo too. The cookie that they place in the computer probably doesn't know it is my link. It just takes you to yours right away.

    Send me your link and I'll see if it goes to my site. Wouldn't that be something huh?

    How 'bout dat for an answer?:confused: