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  1. I have a canvas tarp that leaks , any one know a good produck to spray on it to water proof it , would like to buy it by the gallon if possible, thanks
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    check west marines website for waterproofer by the gallon...starbrite brand.

  3. When I had a couple seams re-sewn on my top, the owner of the shop said the cheapest way to go is Thompson's water sealer. He said to either spray it or brush it on lightly & wipe up excess. I tried it ; used a Wagner sprayer and it came out fine. It took very little to do a top for a 19' walleye boat. A little stiff at first, but it's fine now.
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    if its old style cotton canvas. well we used to use kerosene (or paint thinner cant remember) mixed with linseed oil or similar. in a pinch ive used motor oil but i wasnt putting this over a fancy boat.

    the newer canvas maybe synthetic, so im sure it needs a different treatment.
  5. Canvak is a commercial product for this. Check with any boat canvas or awning shop they should have what you need. I got some from Dougs in Akron for my duck boat, it was a spray bottle of waterproofer, smelled bad when putting it on in the barn but works good.
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    I just did mine and I used Starbrite from West Marine...$46 gallon and it works! Clean the canvas really good and let it dry...then spray on the sealant with a garden sprayer and let it dry. I did two coats.