Canton Fishing Rodeos UPDATE

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  1. OK volunteer helpers! Here's the info I got today at the planning meeting and some things we're going to need. Also, the rods and reels and tackle that you guys already gave me DEFINITELY helped. THANKS!:)

    Brought to you by the Stark Social Workers Network and City Folks for Cook's Pond

    WHEN: JUNE 15 (Senior Citizens, 55 or over)
    JUNE 16 (Kids ages 5 to 17)

    TIME: The times for both events are from 8AM til NOON both days.

    IF POSSIBLE participants are asked to bring their own rods,reels, and tackle.

    The folks at Stark Social Workers Network are very appreciative of everything we're doing to help them out. Registration for both events will be at 7:30AM on each day, so volunteers should try to be there sometime before then, if possible. If not, SHOW UP WHEN YOU CAN TO HELP.

    They'll be stocking the pond with catfish, and will be using nightcrawlers for bait. More than likely, we'll need a couple flats of crawlers.

    We're hoping for nice, warm weather too, and when it gets hot, nothing like a nice cool drink of water. Bottled water donations would be greatly appreciated.

    The easiest way to help is through a monetary donation. Also, and I want to make this clear, this is NOT an OGF event. No money is going to OGF for this. It's a great program that needs help, and that's why I'm involved. Growing the sport by introducing kids that may not otherwise have the opportunity to fish is very important to me, and should be to us all. And, getting some older folks out to have a morning of fun, catching fish and reliving fond memories is important too.

    SSWN is a non-profit organization, and I have their mailing address and tax ID number. All donations are tax deductible. PM me and I will get you the information.

    Other things they'll be needing are:

    - HEAVY DUTY trash bags
    - ICE to keep the water/soft drinks cold
    - needlenose pliers or hook removers
    - towels
    - bins, coolers, or kiddie pools to fill with ice and store the drinks
    - donuts
    - coffee

    If I think of anything else, or if anyone has any suggestions, PLEASE OFFER THEM! ; )

    We here at OGF have stepped up finacially, and I also have a monetary commitment from our newest media partner, WKYC. More on that on Friday (I hope) but I can tell you, there will be TV coverage of these events that will run on WKYC and also their news website.

    Thanks to everyone for all the help. I appreciate it, but nowhere near as much as the SSWN, the senior citizens, and the kids of Canton.

    As I get more info, I'll update you.
  2. great thing you're doing here big d!!! hope that box had alot of goodies:B help out if you can guys and show our colors!!!

  3. Also, they'll take hats, any tackle, rods, spools of line, ANYTHING FISHING RELATED to give to the kids and seniors.

    I will collect items at our member appreciation outing on June 9 as well, if you're going.

    Thanks gang
  4. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    Thanks for the thread Carl. I was just thinking about this yesterday and looking forward to it. :B
  5. Carl,
    Shoot me a PM when you have time with the address and basic directions from the central interchange in Akron. May be able to help on Friday from 9 AM till the end. Probably on Saturday also, need to check with the warden. I can bring some bins/totes for drinks. Maybe a few items of new tackle to donate.

  6. OK H-B... Here you go...

    From Akron... 77 SOUTH. When you get into Canton, get off at the 13th St exit... TURN LEFT. Follow 13th... it will turn into 12th St. Go past Market, through downtown, over a set of RR tracks, you'll see a park. Canton APL is on the left... Go over the bridge and Cook's Pond is on the LEFT. There is a sign and parking area.

    For those attending the events, it starts at 8AM on both days, and if you have kids who want to fish, they must register, hopefully before then.

    I'll be there Friday around 7 or so... Saturday too.

    Has anyone got any line on a flat or two of nightcrawlers I can pick up Thursday evening???
  7. I was planning on bringing some worms, but I'm not sure how many.
  8. Bring as many as possible!

    I'm going to call around tomorrow and see what I can find at some local bait shops.

    Volunteers, are you ready to go? It starts at 8AM both Friday and Saturday...

    Saturday is going to be busier, as there will be a lot of kids there.

    Come on and help out.
  9. I'll be there Friday at 7:30-7:45AM... I am bringing one of our interns with me to help work on the story I'm shooting for the news and I have to wait for her.

    Saturday, I'll be there around 7:15 or so...
  10. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    I'll be there Saturday by 7:30.
  11. A HUGE thank you goes out to Mogadore Bait and Tackle. They've REALLY come through for the folks in Canton and are donating a flat of nightcrawlers for the fishing rodeos.

    Thanks a MILLION Jeff and I owe you one. We'll talk buddy!!!
  12. Do you still need me to bring as many as I can?
  13. Yes. I'm pretty sure they'll get used up.

    We'll need a cooler to keep them in too... I may have one for that purpose...

    Thanks man!!!
  14. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    Never fished for catfish, what size hooks and tackle should I bring to use?

    What size fish are they stocking Carl?
  15. Fishing was slow... Saw 7 cats caught between 17 and 19 inches... Some small perch too...

    Cats were caught on the bottom using chicken liver and on bobbers with crawlers.

    I dropped off all the rods/reels for the kid's event tomorrow, plus the other stuff.

    There were 45-50 senior citizens out there. Fishing was slow, but the folks were having fun. I had fun talking to several folks, some in their 80's who were out enjoying the day.

    Thanks to Fisherman261 who dropped off a load of crawlers to go with the flat from Jeff at Mogadore Bait and Tackle... Redear showed up as well to paruse the pond... Thanks Fred.

    There should be around 100 kids there tomorrow. I'll have my young uns there to fish...

    Stop down and have some fun. 8AM til NOON. There are prizes for first fish, big fish, small fish, and other assorted categories.

    Thanks to Stark Social Workers Network for having us along. Always good to give back. Thanks to all you you here at OGF that made it possible too!

    I'll post pix tonight!
  16. And everyone at Stark Social Workers Network and City Folks for Cook's Pond. See you in the mornin'!!!


  17. I'll post Saturday's pix tomorrow.. 130-150 folks there this AM.... One small group caught a BUNCH of nice catfish. It was a great time and a very positive, community building event.

    Thanks Ruminator and Bountyhunter for stopping by to help out today.

    Plus a big thanks to everyone at OGF who donated items, and/or stopped at the pond to help out. Fishing was slow, so not much to do, but the help was greatly appreciated all the same.