Can't we all just get along?

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by rweis, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. First of all, thank you to whoever closes the threads that start to get nasty. It is much appreciated.

    Guys, this is just my 2 cents, but shouldn't we take a breath now and then. It's bad enough that you cannot have a political discussion any more without someone getting honked off, but fishing? Come on. Whatever happened to respect for another person's opinion? I think I can answer that, but that's not a topic for this board.

    Here are my fishing rules, and let me emphasize the MY.
    1 - I don't mind sharing spots, but that doesn't mean that if I find a beauty, I might not keep it to myself.

    2 - If someone shares a spot with me, I always ask if they want me to keep it under wraps or not.

    3 - I try not to crowd anyone or jump ahead of them to fish water they are heading toward.

    4 - Personally, I practice C-A-R (Catch-Admire-Release), but that's just me. I have absolutely no problem with people who do a selective & legal harvest. I don't get keeping SM as they take so long to reach any size and they're not that tasty to me. If I had more faith in the water quality, I would probably keep an occasional stringer of panfish or cats.

    I do have a problem with folks who litter, harvest illegally, or jump my spots. Other than those 3 areas, I figure that reasonable people can disagree. Sorry for venting here, but these boards bring me enjoyment, education, and escape and the venom really bummed me out. Let me end with a little "old school" - Peace & love my brothers - Rick.
  2. Very well stated rweis. I agree completely.

    I recall similar disagreements the last few summers on this board. Nothing that a little "back to school" won't help to resolve. Be patient.

  3. seethe303

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    nope, we can't. that is human nature.

    being able to recognize that and adjust your behavior correctly is the mature thing to do.
  4. SwollenGoat

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    I also agree, and have become irritated at the recent bad behavior on OGF lately.

    I will also note that many experienced anglers aren't posting here as much or at all. (At least in the Central Ohio forum.) Won't name names, but ones that I liked to PM and see how they've been doing and share helpful tips with. I've stuck around simply because I'm too easy going, and prefer to just ignore it. I've recently brought my concerns to the powers that be and I hope things will improve quickly.

    Allright, off my soapbox now...
  5. I think some people were having difficulty with items 1, 2, and 4 of your list.

    When people violate 2 that has a tendency to rightfully piss people off.

    When people violate 4 that is a bit different. However, some people were violating 4 and also rubbing it in the noses of those who think 4 is important. That is a problem.

    The rules of fishing are not much different than the rules of life. There are laws, which we all must obey (though some do not). Speed limits, bag limits, littering, etc. There are also rules and etiquette.

    There is no law against being a jerk in life, just like there is no law against being an irresponsible fisherman. It is a personal choice. But that does not mean one has to accept the behavior of the jerks, nor does it mean one has to be helpful and approving of those that are irresponsible.

    There is no excuse for violating 2. If people violate 4, then perhaps they should consider not rubbing it in other poster's noses. Additionally, they might at least act interested in learning more about practicing selective harvest. 3 does not seem to be a problem (in this context).

    1, is again a personal preference thing-but it might be nice if some folks at least consider the consequences (For instance, I have my own local honey hole on the Scioto. Though I have never seen it mentioned on here, other people know about it, so it isn't a "secret." Still, it can get a bit crowded, so out of respect for the other folks who know about it (and because I think someone looking to keep smallies would clean them up here) I do not include it in the details). Doesn't mean everyone has to be the same way, but at least show some willingness to consider it.

    Do those things and I don't see why folks can't get along.
  6. imalt

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    I fully agree. No holes should be given away. If someone wants to say they did good on a particular waterway that is fine. The problem with giving away a hole on this site is their are too many people who just take info from this site and never put info into the site. As long as somone practices common sense c&r I have no problem. Sometimes legal isnt always right. Especially with the drought last year and the heavy rains this year. Some holes cant survive fish being taken from them. Someone recently gave away one of my holes that already gets too much pressure. There are too many people on here that get their panties in a buch real too quick though.
  7. Some of the same behavior is the reason I left another website. I noticed awhile back that some of the same posters on that website have logged onto this one. Guess what?? They brought their same attitudes with them!!!!
  8. shroomhunter

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    I agree with most here and have seen the "anger" directed towards a few guys. I have nothing at all against a guy keeping a secret "honey hole" I've got spots I would just never share unless someone was with me in the boat. I have secret mushroom hunting spots my family doesn't even know about and may never know. It's not that I wouldn't take them there it's just that I don't always have them with me when I go there, same way with fishing. I fish Wills Creek for saugeye and I just won't give up my little hard learned secret UNLESS someone wants to tag along. I'll be darned if I'd put that on a public forum for the world to see.

    I'm going to Hoover this evening and I'm going to fish for saugeyes with a friend and I wouldn't ask anyone where they've been catching them. I'll try to figure it out on my own.

    This is for Misfit and Goat....You guys know what lure I'll be using, glad that other thread got started, now I know where I can get more as I know I'll lose a few. Especially in the 2 spots I'll be working hard!!;)

    Peace to all....keep your spots to yourselves, a guy has gotta have somewhere to go to get away....
    Man it's just fishing, relax and enjoy it!
  9. Jeff,I just got back from GM and bought me 6 of those puppies,now I just have to learn the proper presentation and they can make fun of me as well:p
  10. streamstalker

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    As long as there are differences of opinion and freedom of speech, 303 is probably right. However, there are ways of expressing your sentiments without sounding dismissive or preachy. (Sorry, I don't know how to say that without sounding preachy.)

    Anyway, the discussion on giving info and C&R is as important as it gets around here. I've always been C&R, and I've never intentionally given away honey holes; although, I give out a lot less info than I used to on sensitive waterways. Some of us might think we are being cryptic about our locations, but a little detective work (reading through your old posts or looking at your pictures) is often enough to pinpoint a location--I've done it myself. Lake reports are one thing: crappie are biting on the south end of Delaware; catfish are hot on the east end of Buckeye. Hey, good luck! Grab your bait, head out! Things probably will have changed by the time you get there.

    On the other hand, I'm not sure what profit there is in telling which flow you were on. The same baits and tactics are pretty universal on Central Ohio streams, so why not just say what was working for you and leave it to the fishermen where they want to try it? If you come on here morning, noon, and night with a report on a particular stream, you are just asking for it to fill up with other anglers. Even if they don't like their smallmouth on a "hoagie roll with horsey sauce" you still are running the risk of a bunch of people gut-hooking a fish, running it to death on their ultra-light in the middle of summer, pulling it off its spawning bed, or subjecting it to any other sort of pressure that could lead to a decline in population. This does not even take into consideration the loss of serenity we get from walking and floating our creeks.

    We're not talking about the Allegheny, Potomac, Susquehanna, or Ohio Rivers here: what we call rivers around here are tiny flows in the middle of a major population center. It's amazing that they are in as good a shape as they are, and we need to be damn careful about them.

    Imalt is also right. Some people need to be a little less sensitive. If you come on here and start posting things that run contrary to what a lot of people here hold sacred, what do you expect? Some posters may be diplomatic in their response and some may not. Frankly, I don't care if someone occasionally gets his wiener stepped on--that's the only way some people learn. If the mods occasionally have to spank someone and send them to their room, that's what they are here for. I hope that whoever used a picture of someone else's girlfriend as his avatar was drunk when he did it because you really need a good excuse for being such a hole. That is so far over the line that there aren't even words for it.

    No, we're not always going to get along and we may get into the occasional scrap. The important thing is that we keep the discussion going and we all eventually see things the same way as Andyman:rolleyes:

    Man, I just spent way too much time on that when I should have been organizing my gear for the Allegheny river float I'm doing this weekend with people I met on OGF!
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  11. streamstalker

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    Now that there is funny, I don't care who you are. That right there is funny.
  12. Wiper Swiper

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    rweis wrote-- "Whatever happened to respect for another person's opinion?"

    Good question. Some of the childish personal attacks I've recieved on these boards leave me scratching my head. Clearly in violation of forum rules, I've yet to see a single one addressed by a moderator. Perhaps they have to be reported, or are simply missed, but I hope with the new "crack down" such incidents will become few and far inbetween.

    As this forum evolves, I wish the administrators and the participants will keep a couple very important points in mind--

    Whereas this site is a private venture, what's exploited are public resources. Some of those resources are so fragile that they can't take the exploitation. There are many passionate anglers who cringe everytime they log on to find their particular public treasure layed wide open and gutted. Passion turns to anger, anger turns to reaction, and the reaction turns ugly. The solitude we once enjoyed off the beaten path begins to look like a trip to Wal-mart and folks lash out. Regardless of who objects, tons of specific information is not good news for the long turn stability of OUR public waters. At times, common sense just ain't all that common.

    In my humble opinion, the power of this site to potentially have a negative impact on public resources is sadly underestimated. Even if a majority poll showed folks desired a tell-all format, the pursuit of unique visitors shouldn't over-ride the responsibility to conserve OUR natural resources...resources that are finite. Common sense again, but you can't put everyone "on fish" and expect the fishing to remain good. I will grant that it's hard to hurt a walleye run on the Maumee, or a white bass run at Fremont...those tell-all threads don't concern me one bit. I really couldn't care less about the harvest of bio-engineered saugeye or wipers...kill 'em all, and tell where they're biting. However...populations of wild riverine smallies, sauger, and walleye/actively spawning panfish or largemouth...can all be decimated by too much publicity. Conservation and restraint are not fighting words.

    Does anyone out there respect my opinion? Can I get a hell ya!

  13. Hook N Book

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    Just for the record...I've pretty much been a member here since this sites inception and was also a member of the old GFO site. Having said that, this same point/thread occurs annually (if not more) and in the end people will weed themselves just give it a little time and it'll right itself...! :D ;)
    Anyone noticed anything about the poster's or non-poster's in this thread...???
    I guarantee most told'll get better...! :eek:
  14. I read all this, you all must be women!
  15. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    then if you are not a woman,there's no need to opine;)

    actually,as h&b said,this topic comes up from time to time,and whether you're a woman or not,it raises some legitimate concerns that have been plaguing the site(particularly this forum) recently.
  16. seethe303

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    Having been a member of a number of different forums, as well as a moderator, I really think this kind of thing is a natural progression. Like I said before, it is human nature to bicker and fight every once in a while.

    I just don't let it bother me.
  17. FOSR

    FOSR name of Alex

    That's what FOSR is for, along with similar groups for just about every watershed around here. (a) Protect the river, and (b) Promote the public enjoyment of it.
  18. Lewis


    We agree about the behavior of a few posters.
    I think three of them are on a Misfit induced vacation from OGF.:)
    If they continue it could be permanent.
  19. shroomhunter

    shroomhunter USMC 1979-1983

    Those saugeye in Misfits little honey were eating vibes today, couldn't buy a bite anywhere else. I was drawn there by the seagulls and when I got to the spot there were giant schools of shad everywhere and the bigger fish were tearing them up!! Go get'em Misfit!!